10th Anniversary of BabyTalk & MamaPapa
Readers’ Choice Awards 2021

Our BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards is back again, and it’s time to celebrate the colossal success of this year’s winners!

Every year since 2012, BabyTalk has been showcasing notable brands, to pay recognition to their popularity among consumers and ultimately, to celebrate their success in the maternity, parenting, baby and kids care industry. Initially presented as nominees to our readers, they are the absolute favourites, chosen by our readers themselves, as this year’s Award winners!

It is 2021, and we celebrate our 10th Anniversary of holding this prestigious recognition of excellence for the brands that make up our ever evolving and demanding industry of maternity, parenting, baby and kids care – the response of our readers was over and beyond expectation! We’d also like to put it out there, that the fact that we’re still in the midst of a pandemic gives our winners even more recognition in terms of merit, for emerging at the top despite the odds and hardships faced by most retail and services.

This year, once again, it’s our ultimate pleasure to present to you our Diamond Award winners. The Diamond Award is a prestigious accolade presented to the brands who have won our Readers’ Choice Awards in the same categories for 5 continuous years or more. We have always believed that there’s only one thing more challenging than to achieve excellence and recognition, and that is to maintain that good reputation – our Diamond Award winners are living proofs of such worthy, continuous excellence!

Throughout the history of the BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards, never has an Award stood out more, in view of consumers’ trust and reliance during times of uncertainty. Truly, each name called out for this illustrious Awards has earned the respect and unwavering loyalty of modern parents and parents-to-be..

Before we reveal our esteemed recipients in celebration of their performance and reputation, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, our readers, for participating in this 10th Anniversary of our BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards and for doing your part in picking out the brands that have won you over, despite the odds and difficulties the year has been throwing out at us all. We appreciate each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts.

To our esteemed Winners…


BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice DIAMOND Awards 2021

BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards 2021

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