OCOC Nutrition Chocolate Drink

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Coco OCOC uses the Right Shooter approach.
There are 3 main parts of the brain targeted.
1. Prefrontal Cortex – place of problem solving, decide, consideration, arrange words, emotional control
2. Temporal Lobe – study related section
3. Hippocampus – memory center
Niacin, flavonoids, tryptophan, magnesium targeted at 3 parts of the brain above. 38 more vitamins and minerals targeted at other parts.
1-NIACIN – To strengthen your memory and increase your child’s energy.
2-FLAVANOIDS – For brain memory.
3-GINGKO BILOBA – Increase blood flow and nutrients to the Brain.
4-SEROTONIN – To be fit in learning
5-MAGNESIUM – To strengthen immune system.
6-TRYPTOPHAN – To sleep well.
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