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BabyMom Confinement Home is established by Mrs Foo in 2008.As a mother of three children,she found out some significant problem of confinement period that most of the postnatal mother faced. As a result she founded this business. BabyMom Confinement Home is the first confinement centre in Ipoh with more than 10years of experience in this industry at the same time the creator of vegetarian confinement.We are the first confinement home in Ipoh to have fully single room to promote breastfeeding and provide more privacy. We aim to provide the best and most suitable care with professional knowledge to every post natal mother and lead them to a comfortable confinement.

Address: BabyMom Confinement Home, 9, Hala Raja Dihilir Off Jalan Tambun 30350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

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