Mumu Alnico – magnetic wooden blocks

Product Details

Introducing the Mumu Alnico-24 and Alnico-42 — a set of open-ended magnetic wooden blocks in enhancing both physical and cognitive development of your LO.

  • Why Alnico – So, just “what is Alnico” and “why Alnico”? Generally stronger than regular ferrite (ceramic) magnets, Alnico magnets are permanent magnets that are primarily made up of a combination of aluminium (Al), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co), but can also include copper, iron and titanium. Strengthen and secured with gearwheels-alike ABS layers, your LO would have endless opportunities to dive into the world of magnetic field.

【Product features】

  • suitable for 3y+
  • unisex design and color (natural wood color)
  • made of quality beech wood and pine wood, ABS, and strong magnet
  • solid, duration, and safe (come with ABS locks to better secure the magnets)
  • providing just the right size and weight for the tiny hands
  • promote shape recognition
  • encourage and nurture fine motor skill
  • limitless creativity and possibilities
  • enhance LOs’ hand-eye coordination
  • improved visual-spatial recognition
  • parent-child bonding
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