Herlia® Naturals Ginger Vita

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HERLIA® NATURALS GINGER VITA is made using the highest quality ginger originated from Bentong, Malaysia. It begin the process by extracting fresh ginger and later form them into an easy to consume & convenient tablet form. It has now made available so that you can enjoy the health benefit of ginger any time and any where.


Antibacterial Properties

  • Very effective against variety of bacteria including oral bacteria which linked to many gum diseases.

Reduce Joint Pain

  • Very useful for osteoarthritis symptoms eg. Knee pain and stiffness.

Effective against exercise

  • induced muscle pain and soreness.

Women’s Tonic

  • Reduce menstruation pain & cramp, natural support for menopause symptoms.

Relieve Nausea

  • Very useful for pregnant women, motion sickness, post-surgical nausea & chemotherapy.

Decrease Inflammations

  • Helps to combat diseases involving inflammation such as heart problems, autoimmune disorders and cancer. Stimulate Digestion. Ginger helps food move thorough digestive system quicker, helps prevent bloating, heartburn & indigestion.
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