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WhyteHouse, prepare children to be valuable assets in future society by embodying the guiding principles of our philosophy into the curriculum and daily routines. WhyteHouse believe in a culture that nourishes the physical, social, emotional and cognitive growth and development of a child. Outstanding academic achievement must go hand-in-hand with a virtuous character and the ability to form trusting relationships with others. At WhyteHouse, children are highly encouraged to discover their abilities and engage their curious minds. We encourage interaction and healthy communication among peers and care-givers. The curriculum structured and the methodology adopted at every level are meant to promote creativity, flexibility, higher order thinking skills and emotional maturity, all of which will be highly sought-after qualities in the near future. It is our mission to ensure that the children of the WhyteHouse are equipped with the necessary foundations to take on formal education with confidence and competence.


WhyteHouse believes that learning should be fun and curriculum is structured in clear sequential sets of experiences so that new learning is engaged with the child’s schema of knowledge, resulting to effective learning outcomes. The curriculum used covers four primary dimensions of growth; knowledge, skills, dispositions and feelings. Activities are carefully and purposefully structured to create opportunities for exploration, assist retention of information, acquisition of skills and the understanding of concepts. Age-appropriate benchmarks are set in place to assist level transitions and social interaction between children and with care-givers are highly fostered through play and healthy competition.

Curriculum Pre-Nursery:

Our Pre-nursery/Play Group classes are made up of children aged 2. We provide safe indoor and outdoor environments for children to develop their soft skills that are vital for their holistic development. They are given opportunities to discover, explore and learn through hands-on activities and simulations specially designed to develop key learning skills for future learning.

The Pre-nursery / Play Group curriculum includes the following areas :

  • Routine development (includes potty training)
  • Creative learning
  • Social and emotional development (communication and team work)
  • Language development (involves reading, storytelling, role play, singing, music)
  • Sensory play (involves visual arts & crafts and development of fine motor skills)
  • Gross motor skills (play, sports & dance, movement, activities)
  • Literacy and numeracy


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