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Lil Unicorn Academy is a Finnish-Asian Hybrid Programme with Entrepreneurship! Lil Unicorn Academy adheres to a holistic approach of early childhood education. Expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them. Once they leave our Early Childhood Education Center, they’re fully prepared for the next stage of their young lives. The demands of the world continue to evolve and as we reverse-engineer what education needs to truly prepare students, we face the task of educating our children beyond book knowledge. From the two decades we’ve had in education, we believe it’s through entrepreneurship that we’ll grow the future’s trailblazers.

Lil Unicorn Academy believe that children thrive in an environment which values their own uniqueness, while providing support and opportunities to grow emotionally, socially and creatively. By building on each child’s strengths, interests and curiosities, Lil Unicorn Academy guide each child to explore the world around them as well as develop new abilities and form close relationships.

The Lil Unicorn Academy is designed with children in mind. From choice of colours and furniture design to brain-stimulating playthings, you can be sure that your child is nurtured in a safe environment that allows them to explore freely as they satisfy their intense curiosity through all five senses.

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