Medicas Genomics DNA Test for Family: A gift which is truly unique and one of its kind
Medicas Genomics DNA Test for Family: A gift which is truly unique and one of its kind
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Medicas Genomics DNA Test for Family: A gift which is truly unique and one of its kind

Your DNA is what makes you outstanding on your own. These unique genes can be unlocked through simple and non-invasive saliva DNA testing. It allows us to make a wiser and right approach to our health and well-being through the understanding and insight into our own blueprint.

DNA is certainly a new wave of precision medicine which is gaining its prevailing importance in our own modern society, which has more access and convenience into healthy living and healthy aging. This DNA testing is certainly worth considering to do for oneself and your beloved family members. With Medicas Genomics, you are well-assured that this award-winning DNA test offers you and your family nothing but the BEST.

Medicas Genomics with its partnering labs in Korea and Japan use the state of the art technology such as Ilumina Propel which is well-known for its high accuracy in DNA testing. These labs are highly accredited by CAP (College of American Pathology) as well as (CLIA). Quality, accuracy and user-friendliness are always the core values at Medicas Genomics.

MediPremium is four different tests in one comprehensive testing. The tests are Genetic Health Risks, Carrier Status, Drug Sensitivity and Cancer Risk. It looks into a total of 172 traits using 610 genes. This test allows you to understand your risks about specific diseases that you might be developing. This will help you make more informed medical choices on your health preventive measures for yourself as well as for your family. You and your doctor will also have a better understanding of your personal, unique needs in terms of medication, as well as family history such as cancers, instead of having to comply with a one-size-for-all standardisation. With the MediPremium cancer test, you will also be equipped with important information which can help you make a better choice in your health planning, as well as preventative care.

MediHealth offers two types of tests: Healthy Aging and Allergy allowing family members to have a more in depth understanding of their own unique health risks, and all the possible conditions to look out for. Looking into 34 traits and 1890 genes which are related to longevity, the Healthy Aging test will be invaluable for each family member to help them understand their individual risk of developing general degenerative conditions such as cataracts, hearing loss, bone density decline, kidney stones, vitiligo, and many more. The test goes on to cover inflammation risks, cognitive decline risks as well as the risks of conditions related to sleep issues, helping individuals to make appropriate adjustments in their lifestyles as well as take preventative measures to either stop or delay these conditions from developing.

The Allergy Test under MediHealth will be helpful in keeping each family member informed on substances they may be allergic to, be it a certain food, plant, chemical, etc. Allergies are not just troublesome to deal with, but can get potentially dangerous, for example, if they end up obstructing one’s airway. Thankfully, this test looks at 22 traits and 1366 genes linked to allergies, helping us be a step ahead and hopefully avoid the potentially grappling outcomes of allergic reactions during our lifetime.

Medicas Genomics recently bagged an award in the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Award 2021 for the category of DNA Test For Family.

For more information, please visit their website Facebook page and  Instagram page.

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