Haenim NexusFit™ 7X Breast Pump

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  • Modern, stylish and most handy hospital grade pump
  • Efficient, soft and quick double pumping (Closed System).
  • Easily switch between single and double pump with EasySwitch Connector
  • Comes with handy beautiful silicone straps to bring along anywhere
  • With New MUTE FUNCTION that allow to mute button sound & silence noise level at <50db, give a calm night pumping session
  • 15 different expression levels to adjust suction with 6 speed cycles.
  • Have 5 massage levels yet gives smooth function with adjustable 5 speed cycles
  • Very suitable to pump at night by using adjustable brightness of LED night light.
  • Memory setting allow you to pump that meet precisely to your need.
  • The pump can be use over 3 hours non-stop after fully charged using its own adapters
  • Provide Pause mode to allow mummy to take break for a session

Complete with NexusFit™ Breastpump Accessories (2 sets):

1. Made as a single silicone and plastic component  Material quality improved for both silicone valve and silicone diaphragm

2. Comes with one size that can fit from 20 – 32 mm of nipple sizes

3. The inner pump body part designed to prevent back flow effectively

4. Flexibility tubing direction suitable for hands free pumping

5. Compact pump body design, easy to store

6. Ergonomic design to allow pumping session at more comfortable position

7. Specially patented breast shield provides equal pressure throughout pumping, resulting in lowering the pain and increase the soothe factor.

8. Easy to clean & storage.

  1. aemanie81
    74 reviews

    Powerful yet quiet breastpump with elegant design!?

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 14, 2022

    I LOVE my Haenim NexusFit™ 7X Breast Pump, despite a minor hiccup in the beginning. I am an EP mom, and was on the lookout for a powerful breastpump to support my EP journey. When I had my first pumping session with my NexusFit 7X, I was not impressed with the output. After my first pump, my breasts didn’t feel quite “empty” and I could still pump another 2oz more with my regular pump. Then I tried on with the areola shield 21mm that came in the packaging. The output improved a little bit but I still did not feel like it did a good job at emptying my breasts. I was pretty bummed out in the beginning given the high expectations I had on this pump. But I’m glad the disappointment did NOT last long because Haenim did an AMAZING job at providing superb after sale service and helped me find the right fitting for a better pumping experience.

    I got in touch with Haenim customer service for assistance and was very impressed by their very responsive team. They were highly attentive and felt genuine in wanting to support you in providing the right solutions. After consultation, I decided to purchase a 19mm areola shield separately and it tremendously improved my output! On par as my regular pump.

    I didn’t quite like that Nexusfit shield set that came with the original packaging because it wasn’t quite “handsfree” enough:- I still have to hold them while pumping. And then they launched the Haenim Handsfree Collection Cup and I grabbed a pair for myself. I LOVE these collection cups EVEN BETTER! It tremendously improved my pumping sessions and my hands could be totally free to do other things and multitask! <3 In my opinion, both shield sets & collection cup set have extra parts to wash compared to my previous pump. Also, the pump body (in Nexusfit shield set) & pump base (in Collection Cup) have some corners which were challenging to wash. So do pay a bit more attention to these to make sure you clean every nook and crannies well.

    On the actual motor, it is very powerful, yet very quiet. The sound is not intrusive even when pumping at night. Love that it comes with LED night light for night pumping. It took me about 4 hours to fully charge and would last almost 2 days (depending on frequency of pumping and length of time), or for me about 8-9 sessions of 30min each. It has 15 levels expression and 5 levels of speed to suit every need, perfect for new mothers trying to establish supply in the early days because it mimics newborn’s soft suction very well. It also comes with a manual pump, but I personally have never used it as I prefer to use the electric pump.

    It has a sleek and beautiful design while still delivering on quality and functionality, a well-known characteristic of all Haenim’s products. Love the white ivory color! ?

    Overall, this is a superb product from Haenim. If you’re planning on breastfeeding for at least 2 years or decide to embark on the journey as an EP mom, this is the right choice.

    In summary:
    1. Powerful but quiet motor
    2. Superb customer service, very responsive
    3. Great breastmilk output when used with the correct areola shield
    4. Soft suction
    5. Comes with LED light for MOTN pumping
    6. Last a long time when fully charged
    7. 15 levels expression and speed over 5 levels to suit every need
    8. Sleek and beautiful design

    1. Big and heavy (expected of hospital-grade pump)
    2. Need areola shield as the original is quite large
    3. Slightly more parts to wash compared to my other brand
    4. Difficult to clean the inner pump body

  2. AkuHudHud27
    158 reviews

    Wonderful and beautiful breastfeeding experience

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 11, 2022

    At last I got it! It’s like dream comes true. Actually I’ve been peeping on this breast pump for quite a while. Fallen in love at the first sight. Hassle free. You know if you do pumping manually. A very hardwork but yet you have to do for your baby.
    The Haenim 7X Electric Breast Pump is very stylish, very ergonomic and up-to-date design. It is a very pleasant experience using this breast pump. The suction is excellent and yet it works in silence. As you can see it is not big. Petite and can fit anywhere and can be brought everywhere. Oh ya, it’s lightweight. It also come with manual pump.
    I really like it comes complete set in a beautiful box. Can even be a good gift. Very handy and manageable. My Haenim 7X Electric Breast Pump is green in color. For me, it looks smart and elegant. The pump has silicone handle for easy grips to take somewhere. It’s not complicated at all. Easy going and everyone can even operate it for the first time.
    You’ll be surprised as the ac adapter is adapted for our Malaysia 3pin plug. Originally it’s Korean. It use type C head and the pump also can be charged from the usb type C cables too. So, no worries ya. The cable also long enough for easy charging. For full charged pump can operate for 3 hours. One thing I do consider is this Haenim 7X Electric Breast Pump doesn’t have SIRIM certified unlike their UV Sterilizer.
    This Hospital-grade breast pump set is very good and nice. You can either use single or double pumping as you want. Very relaxing as you can choose 15 levels expression and speed over 5 levels. At night you can also use adjustable brightness warm led light and it calms you during pumping process. I like it when it can be paused for a while. So, I’m not actually permanently attached at it for the whole pumping process. Brightness and sound control very superb. Not disturbing your baby while sleeping.
    Pumping process is very smooth with this Haenim 7X Electric Breast Pump. It fits perfectly on me. The patented silicone breast-shield is one of the best criteria. Suction feel much more better, equal pressure during pumping and thus lowering the pain. As I can say no back flow at all during pumping process. And flexible tubing also give you room for hands free pumping. The tubing will not disturb you while pumping process. Not to forget it is easy to clean. Easy to use and easy to manage. What a complete set.
    Haenim 7X Electric Breast Pump makes my breast feeding journey very wonderful. It is not to harsh if I say it’s a must for breastfeeding mom especially the busy working one. Good investment for good experience. Thank you Haenim and @my100comments for this lovely breast pump.

  3. lynnimaan02
    64 reviews

    My bestfriend and my life savior! ❤️

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 6, 2022

    Alhamdulillah. I am beyond grateful to be given the opportunity to try and experience myself the latest product from Haenim which is Hospital Grade Haenim Nexusfit 7X Breast Pump. Here goes my honest review yeah moms??

    The first thing I absolutely love about this Haenim NexusFit 7X breastpump is how sleek and compact the design is. Senang je kalau nak bawak pergi mana-mana sebab ada fashionable silicone strap tu! Haa mudah sangat kan! ? this one is double breast pump tapi boleh guna as a single pump jugak✨

    There are 15 different settings for expression mode as well as the 5 massage mode which makes the milk flow much better and easier! I also love how the LED display shows how long we’ve been pumping for, mode and battery level. It’s SUPER quiet and also comes with adjustable LED nightlight too, so if you’re pumping near your baby during a nap or bedtime you don’t have to worry about waking baby?

    What I love the most is, it has Pause, Mute and Smart Memory functions which will make your pumping sessions hassle-free.
    It’s also rechargeable too! I can use this baby whenever and wherever I want, either in or out of home, so don’t need to be next to a power plug. A full charge gives you up to 3hours of power to pump on the go.

    Last but not least, not to forget the NexusFit Breast Shield is a MAJOR LOVE. It feels so soft and comfortable and fits my size really well. The suction is so smooth and I didn’t feel any pain at all, thanks to the 5 Silicone Ball that really does get the job done.

    Thank you my100comments and Haenim Malaysia ! ✨?

  4. Nooratiqah20
    1 reviews

    Pam terbaik

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 19, 2021

    Mudah dibawa,berkuali tinggi .saya sangat suka .terbaikkkkkk

  5. Eifa01
    29 reviews

    Haenim NexusFit 7X Breast Pump

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 3, 2021

    Haenim NexusFit™ sangat bagus produk nya kerana ia direka untuk kedua-dua injap silikon dan diafragma silikon.Ia didatangkan dengan satu saiz yang boleh muat dari 20 – 32 mm saiz puting.Bahagian badan dalam pam direka untuk menghalang aliran balik dengan berkesan.Reka bentuk badan pam padat
    membolehkan sesi mengepam pada kedudukan yang lebih selesa.Ia juga dapat memberikan tekanan yang sama sepanjang mengepam, dapat mengurangkan kesakitan dan meningkatkan keadaan yang menenangkan.
    Ia sangat mudah dicuci dan disimpan.Ia juga tahan lama, tahan lasak.

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