Esther Postpartum Care Authentic Taiwanese Confinement Meal

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Esther Postpartum Care offers delicious and authentic Taiwanese confinement meals for new mothers. Chinese confinement care meals aim to warm up a new mom’s body while delivering beneficial nutrients to her system.

Chicken is a popular ingredient used in confinement care recipes. Also popular is the Chinese yam. Known as cinnamon-vine,  it has earned its place among the revered ingredients used in confinement meals among the Chinese. This particular tuber is often used in the preparation of tonic or herbal soups and remedies. Also known as huai shan or shan yao, it can be used fresh or in its dried form. Chinese yam has a mildly sweet taste and a starchy, potato-like texture.

Physicians practising traditional Chinese medicine prescribe this to replenish qi and yin in the kidneys. In Chinese
households, it is well known as a beneficial food to consume to help digestion, relieve stomach pain, alleviate diarrhoea, improve recovery after an illness, repair muscle tissue and promote muscle growth. The following is a recipe for a confinement dish using fresh Chinese yam.

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