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SN Postnatal Care Centre was launched in 2000, with its first headquarters in Cheras. SN Postnatal Care Centre has over 20 years of expertise in professional confinement services and consultations and is dedicated to offering the best maternity care with complete facilities and a combination of traditional and modern confinement meals.

Professional Chinese traditional physicians, nurses, and a nanny staff the SN Postnatal Care Centre. SN Postnatal Care Centre is always ready to provide the highest quality and expert confinement service, allowing newly-gifted-birth mothers to finish their confinement period with peace of mind.

SN Postnatal Care Centre also provides expert postpartum massage, Chinese physician consultation, confinement food delivery, and baby guidance for first-time mothers. The SN Postnatal Care Centre also offers free prenatal and postnatal classes to all parents.

At SN Postnatal Care Centre, we provide the best confinement care that any mother would give their child: unconditional love for your child and companionship in the same way as a loving spouse would.


Lot 101, Jalan Desa Baru 3, Taman Desa Baru, 43200 Cheras, Selangor

For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.

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