Haenim UVC-LED Steriliser
Haenim UVC-LED Steriliser

Haenim UVC-LED Steriliser

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There’s a good reason why the Haenim UVC-LED Steriliser is a bestseller in Southeast Asia. Made in Korea, this steriliser has the most efficient drying time and easy storage function, which keeps items sterile for up to 8 hours while eliminating 99.9% of harmful viruses like the coronavirus, influenza virus, Norovirus, and a broad spectrum of bacteria! Parents can rest assured that its efficiency has been tested and certified by laboratories in Korea, Japan as well as FDA Registered, so it’s safe and effective for sterilising your child’s daily essentials – for example, baby’s bottles, toys, utensils, etc. (except natural rubber and latex products).

Featuring a sleek and stylish compact design, the steriliser also comes with one-touch sterilising and drying functions, along with the capacity to fit 16 baby bottles all at once. In addition, its 180-degree swing door makes it easy for parents to take out and put in items, adding to its other superb features such as low maintenance and energy saving. As its UV LED is exceptionally long-lasting, you don’t need to worry about changing the UV lamps every year. The steriliser is also very easy to clean – simply wipe the smooth external surface with a damp cloth, and you are good to go!

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  1. Nana Chang
    72 reviews

    Best sterilizer

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 21, 2021

    The whole unit are so beautiful and modern. Size: 295mm x 375mm x 425mm. For me the size are just okay and able to fit my kitchen. There are mirror in the open door which can slightly see the internal. It includes stainless steel rack, stainless steel basket, user manual and main power cord in the box.

    Auto – 30/50/70 minutes to complete the whole cycle (dry + sterilize). This mode is perfectly suitable for busy parents as it totally dried baby bottles & my breast pump parts. The best part is the items are perfectly warm to touch and I could use them immediately.

    Dry – 30/50/70 minutes of drying and ventilation functions. No more dripping wet pump parts or bottles.

    UV – 10/20minutes of sterilization function. I can sterilized any items like my baby plate, toys, pacifier, even our wallet, pocket tissue, parcels ? .. anything. This made my life easier especially during this pandemic

    Storage – After initial cycle, 8-hour looping system kicks in! Every 1 hour, the system sterilizes and ventilates automatically. This is the best part whereby i don’t have to headache where to store my baby bottles. It will switched on by itself to sterilized every two hours, for a total of four times.

    ?? ???????
    It’s spacious and able to sterilize 16 bottles and accessories. Ease of use, there are temperatures and timer display. It’s portable whereby 5kgs only, i can placed in anywhere. It able to eliminates 99.9% harmful bacteria and 100% of drying power, this ease me alot as I previously using steamer and no more bacteria grow. Besides, it auto sterilized every 2hrs upto 4x if i store inside.

    The only downside is I can’t connect Bluetooth which Haenim claimed they can and looks like the apps are not working. Otherwise, it would be perfect and make my life easier. As i can control in anywhere.

    I still very satisfied and impressed how it ease parents. This is totally great investment ?

  2. AkuHudHud27
    159 reviews

    Thank you. Blessed with the best sterilizer!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 20, 2021

    I am so blessed with this Haenim Smartcare Classic UV LED Sterilizer. It’s huge guys. Seriously, I am amazed at how big it is. My sterilizer come in Grey-Gold color. Looking good, smart and handsome with exclusive vibes.

    For the first time I held it in a box it’s quite heavy. Luckily, upon unboxing I held it second time and surprisingly it’s not really that heavy. Net weight of 5kg something like that. You can even move it with only one hand. A little bit hard work as to move the sterilizer from the box there’s no part to hold on. So, please make sure to hold firm and properly to avoid it slip from your hands.

    Greyish color suit the sterilizer with the gold lining at the front door. It makes the sterilizer stylish. Some may think that it’s not a sterilizer. What a box maybe mini fridge. Haha. Just joking. This Haenim Smartcare Classic UV LED Sterilizer come with 3-pin plug. Easy to use just plug and on the switch. The cable also long enough not a short one.

    To make it safer even it is a Korea product, it certified by SIRIM. Feel safer with that right. With 95W power it suitable for Malaysia 220-240V voltage. Actuallty it’s not a heavy usage at all. After all everything must be done with precautions. It’s an electrical appliance. Everyone knows the basic rules when handling with electrical.

    When you look at the front of Haenim Smartcare Classic UV LED Sterilizer, you can see a round shape at the bottom. It’s function as the door knob. So, you know the door actually has no lock. It will close tight when you close the door. No need to push harder. Gently close the door is good enough.

    Comes with a tray and 2 racks for sterilization. Put the bottle up for sterilization. As I mentioned earlier, this sterilizer is huge. You can manage to sterilize a few bottles in one go. Not only that, you can also sterilize teethers, breast pump accessories, toys and even gadgets. During this pandemic, this sterilizer is really a good help. Everything just put under the sterilizer.

    Upon sterilizing, at the front door will show you drying time and the temperature. You just need to choose the right mode to use. There are 7 modes to choose. Auto, Turbo, Smart, Dry, UV LED, Storage and Clean.

    For Auto mode, there are 3 timing to choose for drying and sterilization. 30, 50 or 70 minutes. Turbo mode is for faster drying and sterilization for an instant usage. Smart mode is to keep sterilized item sterile for 24hours. To dry item like bottles, toys, teddy bears just pick this mode. Very easy. And for UV LED of course it’s for sterilization process after drying. To store the sterilized bottle Storage mode offer 8hours capacity. Last but not least, Clean button which will eventually occur when the time has come to clean.

    Before I forget, to clean after every usage no need to wash. Just wipe clean with clean damp cloth and clean dry cloth only. Wipe wipe only. Not to forget do read the manual provided before use.

  3. Ika Azani
    69 reviews

    Dry and sterilize with a touch of a button

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 20, 2021

    I have been a loyal user of Haenim with its breast pump for nearly 1.5 years now and I have been raving about it to my family, friends and followers, basically just anyone that is looking for baby gears. Their products are always equipped with the most advance technology while still looking very chic, pretty and classy, hence why it is always my No. 1 brand for mom’s gears.

    Same goes to the sterilizer. It is so easy to use, just watch my “How To” video below. It is basically plug and play. You just turn on the switch and select whichever option that you would like to use at that time. For me, I prefer to just use the Auto mode. I did not use the sterilizer whole day, mostly just at night when I’m at home. I’ll wash my breast pump accessories like usual then I’ll right away line it on the rack. It perfectly fit all of my breast pump accessories including milk bottles.

    It has huge capacities, you can roughly fit at least 9 tall milk bottles on the top rack and 9 short (maybe 2 oz) milk bottle at the bottom rack. Just remember to position the bottles/accessories etc facing upward to sterilize the internal part. Kinda opposite of how you do it with steam sterilizer.

    One of my favourite thing about it is that it is not noisy at all! I can barely hear any sound from it. Hence you can still put it inside your baby nursery and not wake your baby up while using it. So, so convenient and something that every parents will appreciate a lot! As for the buttons, you can choose whether to have the “bip” sound on or off, up to you. I’ll prefer to turn it off.

    And do not be fooled by the size, it is not heavy at all! I can lift the whole unit easily by myself (and I am quite petite) so you can always move the sterilizer around your house, if you feel bored looking at it at the same spot haha

    Super duper love this sterilizer. It is so convenient and I do not use it only for my breastfeeding accessories and milk bottles but also for just anything in the house that can be sterilized and dry with it, especially my son’s toys and even our mobile phones (just sterilize hehe)! Plus with two cats at home, it is not easy to keep everything sterilize and clean all the time but with Haenim Smart Classic UVC-LED Sterilizer, it has been a breeze.

    I have also learnt the hard way that sterilizing some of my son’s toys with steam sterilizer will damaged it but with Haenim UVC-LED sterilizer, it did not! Save my money a lot as no more ruined toys due to sterilizing.

    Another point to add, the price is also quite affordable for what you are getting, trust me. Haenim always have special offer and their sales rep are so attentive and prompt to any queries. Just reach them out should you need any assistance. Thank you Haenim for easing our parenthood journey.

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