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Motivating children to become better learners!

When children know and understand their lessons in school, learning becomes enjoyable and fruitful. This is why countless parents turn to tuition centres; in hopes to help their children feel motivated to learn and perform well in school. Established in 2008, VIP Education is one such tuition centre favoured by families.

VIP aims to foster a collective and harmonious learning environment for primary and secondary school students. Over the years, the team of dedicated tutors, who are all professional, full-time teachers, have been coaching the students in their very own effective method as they strive to provide a high efficiency learning experience to the students in accordance with the Malaysian education syllabus.

Communication lines between the centre’s tutors and parents are kept open with the latest learning status of students being reported regularly, and their learning needs constantly discussed and addressed. An exclusive software system aso allows parents to check their children’s learning progress anytime and anywhere.

An extra-special feature at VIP is its exclusively created cartoon teaching method, which enhances children’s interest in learning with the use of cartoons and interesting stories. The aim is to keep studies and lessons fun, fun, fun!

Yet another special feature at this award-winning tuition centre is the VIP memory method which helps enhance children’s memory, which helps them remember all that they have learned and increase their academic performances.

VIP understands that children are constantly burdened with school homework, thus offers free homework classes to help students solve the homework they don’t know. Now, homework need not be stressful to students, nor their parents!

To top this all off, VIP also offers pick-up services from school and/or home, allowing children to get to the centre and back safely

More than 50 tutors set their daily routine at VIP Education from their headquarters in Sri Petaling and Seremban branches, with a purpose to achieve various goals in education. Herein, more than 20,000 students have benefited, (with the number growing year on year), not just academically, but from the aspects of curriculum and character building as well, as they prepare themselves for tertiary education in colleges and universities.


Tuisyen, adalah suatu keperluan agar pelajar dapat mencapai kecemerlangan akademik. Pelajar yang sedang bersedia untuk peperiksaan menengah dan pra-universiti memerlukan kepakaran guru dan profesor yang berkelayakan yang mempunyai minat untuk mengajar. Atas sebab ini, kami dengan bangga memperkenalkan kecemerlangan bimbingan VIP Education Group. Pendidikan VIP adalah pusat tuisyen pelajar yang mempunyai rekod kejayaan pelajar yang berjaya dalam peperiksaan menengah dan pra-universiti.

Tunjuk ajar Pendidikan VIP menawarkan pelbagai mata pelajaran yang merangkumi tetapi tidak terhad kepada: Perakaunan, Advanced Matematik , Advanced Fizik, Bahasa Melayu, Biologi, Kimia, Pengajian Perniagaan, Ekonomi, Sejarah, Matematik, Fizik, dan Sains. Selain itu, kami menawarkan platform bimbingan yang luas yang bertujuan untuk mempersiapkan pelajar untuk:

  • Tahap A
  • IB
  • SPM
  • peperiksaan pra-universiti lain
  1. LAU BEI LAN Moe
    1 reviews

    To teacher Celine,

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 25, 2024

    Thank you teacher Celine of you affort. You are able to make my grades A, thanks a lot.

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