Good Oral Care Habits: The Younger They Start, The Better – Find Out Why!
Good Oral Care Habits: The Younger They Start, The Better – Find Out Why!
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Good Oral Care Habits: The Younger They Start, The Better – Find Out Why!

Self-image isn’t just an issue that adults face in their lives, but kids too will eventually have to deal with it. If you have ever seen or heard of little children (some as young toddlers!) shy away from others due to being teased about something odd to do with his or her person, then you should understand the weight of this matter. It could be anything – a bad haircut, dirty fingernails, soiled clothes – it really doesn’t take much for children to feel embarrassed about themselves, or refuse to socialise with others.

Parents, of course, will always have to shoulder the duty of teaching their young ones about the importance of hygiene, so that they’d be comfortable with themselves, and of course, so that others will be comfortable with them too. There are also the health aspects of cleanliness, of course, and children should be taught well in those areas too.

In a way, helping young ones to develop good hygiene habits from the time they’re babies is akin to helping them build a positive self-image ahead of time. One area that cannot be neglected in everyone’s lives, the young or old, is oral care. After all, no one can deny that a sweet smile and fresh breath has always been a part of our overall good self-image!

How young should a child be to be taught about oral care? From as young as ‘a tooth’ old is what experts say, and indeed we agree 100%. But let’s not forget that for many babies and toddlers, teeth-brushing seems to be right up there with hair-washing when it comes to their tolerance meters. There are little ones who just won’t have anything to do with it! So, what can parents do?

Well, first and foremost, parents should keep in mind that their little ones are great imitators, and love to mimic their elders. So, if they see their parents doing something often enough, they would, sooner or later, like to try it for themselves. Parents should take advantage of this fact and let themselves be seen brushing their teeth in the morning, after meals, and before going to bed. Before long, the little copy-cats will be following suit!

Next up is the choice of oral-care products that you offer your little one. Here’s where we say that parents should leave this to our world-renowned oral care expert, Jordan. The brand fully advocates the notion of starting kids young on oral care, as reflected by their range of baby and children’s toothpastes. In fact, its 2-Step Kids Toothpaste recently won an award in the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Awards 2021 in the category of Kids’ Toothpaste! Parents who are serious about establishing good oral care habits in their children from a very young age should check out this trusted brand of kids toothpaste, as well as their range of toothbrushes for babies and children.

Jordan Kids Toothpaste features a 2-step system to make it easier for parents to establish healthy oral care habits for their children, from as young as when their first teeth come out! The steps will help parents select the ideal toothpaste for their child’s age.

Step 1 is designed to be used for babies (from the moment their first teeth pops out), right up to the age of 5 years. As babies and toddlers are generally fussy about tastes, Step 1 is cleverly flavoured in Mild Strawberry to appeal to this age group. Used together with a Jordan age-appropriate toothbrush, babies and toddlers will soon be happily cleaning their milk teeth with no issues! Reminder: Always supervise your little one when using a toothbrush.

For the age of 6 right up to 12, children should be pros in brushing their teeth already. But parents should also be aware that children do tend to get bored with routines and yes, it’s a good idea to keep things interesting for them. Together with Jordan Step 2, which is a Mild Grape flavoured kids’ toothpaste to clean and care for their young, permanent teeth, children would definitely appreciate using a new toothbrush now and then. So parents, don’t forget to check out the fun and functional range of children’s toothbrushes from Jordan as well, for they’re really captivating, and are sure to be a hit with your young ones.

In our society, as awareness grows about the harmful effects of certain additives in products such as toothpastes, parents too are becoming more picky about the products they buy for their children. You’ll be relieved to know that both the variants of toothpastes we talked about in this article contain just the right amount of fluoride for their respective age group, and are formulated to be free from SLS, allergens, parabens and sugar!

So, would you say it’s time to start teaching your children to take oral care seriously?

Jordan Step 1 Toothbrush is the winner in the Kids’ Toothpaste category in the 2021 BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Awards.

For more information, visit their website Facebook and  Instagram page.

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