How a Learning Tower from Malaysia Toys Could Benefit Your Child!
How a Learning Tower from Malaysia Toys Could Benefit Your Child!
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How a Learning Tower from Malaysia Toys Could Benefit Your Child!

If you have a little child, you would surely realise by now how he or she always seems to yearn for involvement in everything everyone else does around the house. In fact, have you managed to accomplish any tasks in the kitchen without your little one asking to be carried, or even asking for stuff from the kitchen counter? It’s easy to conclude that your child is being plain troublesome, when in actual fact, they are just naturally inquisitive and have an innate desire to explore, touch, feel, and learn, all the time!

Yes, it can be quite challenging to accommodate your child’s every request, or entertain their wants, but still, it’s in their best interest that you do! By allowing your child to feel like he’s contributing to the household tasks, it will help build his confidence and self-esteem. It also promotes close bonds with family members and a sense of belonging in the family. What’s more, they’ll also have a chance to sharpen their motor skills especially if they get to help out with tasks such as washing fruits and vegetables, stirring batter, mixing, scooping, etc. And yes, most practical life skills that we want all children to master, begin in the kitchen!

There may be one thing standing in the way of your child and what he wants to reach, and that is, his height, or rather, lack of it. Your little one is way too little to reach most of the working surfaces in your kitchen, hence this makes it challenging for you and him whenever he wants to help out. Which is why, in most homes that observe and practice the Montessori ways of teaching for their children, there is always something called a learning tower to assist in this matter.

Like everything else you purchase for your child, a learning tower should also be of exceptional quality, safe, and comfortable for little ones to use. A learning tower is actually a specially designed stepping stool with railings, to help a child reach and work on surfaces of tables, counter tops, the kitchen sink, etc, with ease. There aren’t that popular yet in our country, apart from households that practice Montessori style teaching. There is one that we favour, and it’s  the learning tower available at Malaysia Toys online store,

Malaysia Toys Learning Tower

Firstly, you’ll have to understand that your child will be using this item till he can comfortably reach and work at the kitchen countertop with you. If you do the math, you’ll realise that this is going to be quite a long-term investment, so you really should consider a learning tower from a reputable maker; one that lasts and will not falter with repeated use. Malaysia Toys, our very own homegrown online toy store has its own make of learning tower, and it is fast gaining popularity among families with little children. Sturdy, safe, and easy to use, Malaysia Toy’s Learning Tower is available in three colours, Black, Natural wood and White, and compliments any kitchen style.

With a learning tower at your child’s disposal, he can be more involved in household activities with Mommy or Daddy and feel closer to them than ever before. And you’d be surprised at how interested and immersed he can be in seemingly mundane tasks such as:

  • Dish-washing at the kitchen sink
  • Simple and safe preparation of fruits and vegetables (washing, plucking, etc)
  • Simple, easy snack-making
  • Helping with the baking – sieving flour, mixing batter, using cookie cutters to cut cookie dough, etc.
  • Cutting soft foods such as boiled carrots, pumpkin, banana, etc, using a child safe knife from Malaysia Toys Practical Life Tools Set

Children love feeling valued, and there really is no need to wait until junior is ‘tall enough’ to help out in the kitchen. Allowing them to contribute in such meaningful ways as mentioned above will help them feel appreciated, valued and trusted by their family. At the same time, they will be automatically honing their motor skills, which will go a long way in their future.

A learning tower – We say, get yours now, at Malaysia Toys, and watch as your child’s eyes light up with delight!

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