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Euphony, a.k.a. a pleasing sound, is what love-struck parents would commonly be thought of for everything LOs-related — let it be the very first baby coo, the gentle yet powerful “mama” “dada”, or even the long-awaited cue of nature’s call (yup parents are so easily pleased, been there done that).

Due to its realistic design and features, we believe our product would be a great motivation for your child in his/her transition from diapers to regular adult toilet.

  • Suitable for: 18M – 5Y
  • Style: Unisex
  • Material: Eco-friendly PP
  • Color: White
  • Size: 39x24x34cm
  • Maximum load: 23kg
  • Certified by international safety requirements & standards (EN 71, ASTM F963-17, AS/NZS ISO 8124)
  • MC conformity

【Cleaning & maintenance】

  • Stop using the potty if parts of the product are damaged or missing
  • Please ensure the potty is in good shape before assembling/using
  • While cleaning, kindly wipe the surface of the potty with wet cloth or sponge
  • Use soap or water to clean the product, and leave it air-dry or wipe with a dry towel
  1. lynnimaan02
    64 reviews

    Great potty training for kids. Sturdy and realistic

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 5, 2021

    Cant wait to experience a fun and confident potty training with my daughter soon?

    Love that this Euphony potty training has real life-like toilet flushing sound when press the flush button my kids really enjoyed playing with the flushing sounds,

    I love the design and features. Realistic training toilet that looks & feels just like an adult version. Wohoo The potty seat lid opens & closes and the pot is also removable for super easy cleaning.

  2. hafizamokhtar34
    1 reviews

    Potty Training for Haris Khalish ?

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 9, 2021

    Since Khalish was 1 year and 11 months old, Khalish has shown signs of readiness with potty training. Potty training should be a pleasant journey, so we are looking a great potty for Khalish that looks like real and can feels just like an adult version. We found Mumu Euphony Training Potty from ?

    I love this potty realistic design and features. The body of the potty are so sturdy, toilet lid can be removed and closes, the urinal pot is removable for easy cleaning and the great features is anti-slip bottom which is safe for Khalish to use this potty training at toilet. Oh not to forget, this smart Mumu Euphony Potty Training comes complete with a flush sound. Khalish so excited and enjoyed to push the flush button.

  3. sharongsr82321
    54 reviews

    Great quality ,safe,easy to learn

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 3, 2021

    通常许多家长会在孩子大约两岁的时候开始考虑训练孩子如厕问题。家里若有年龄较小的的孩子建议从Training Potty训练开始较为方便,Mumu Euphony Training Potty不止颜值高之外,它的造型更是非常逼真,在孩子大小便完成后,按下冲水按键钮还会发出流水声,这让孩子非常乐于接受并学习。尤其是在孩子爱模仿大人的年龄阶段,在这时候训练他们如厕的话更加快速达到成功训练效果。
    同时,Mumu Euphony Training Potty的高度也很适合一岁以上孩子的高度,让孩子方便坐上仿真马桶再下来也完全没难度。
    Mumu Euphony Training Potty坐边圆滑没毛刺,不至于让孩子坐着的时候不舒服。Traning Potty底下还垫有数个防滑贴,让孩子坐上坐下的时候不会因为不稳固而造成不必要的伤害。我的孩子上下来的时候,Traning Potty丝毫没有任何移动,这点让我非常安心让孩子使用。
    我会建议放在房间使用,因为方便训练时让孩子可以快速到仿真马桶大小便。当然,也有家长觉得放在厕所更恰当,这样可以让孩子可以直接联想到Mumu Euphony Training Potty与厕所之间的关系。即使发生孩子来不及大小便的时候,父母也比较容易清洗。
    有兴趣寻找Traning Potty的时候,可以考虑入手这款Mumu Euphony Training Potty,我个人蛮推荐。


  4. Wany Ban
    19 reviews

    Training Potty Terbaik untuk kanak-kanak berlatih tanpa Diaper! ?

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 2, 2021

    Ni first time guna training potty utk anak. Yela anak pertama dulu tak tahu pn training potty ni wujud ? Ia datang pada tepat waktunya untuk Zuleykha belajar tanpa diaper.

    Zuleykha masih lagi pakai diaper, tapi dengan adanya Mumu Euphony Training Potty ni dia nampak berminat untuk mencuba ?

    ? Reka bentuk tandas begitu realistik seperti mangkuk tandas dewasa, selesa bila duduk dan paling dia suka ada bunyi flush seperti tandas sebenar yang menarik minat kanak-kanak

    ? Ia sesuai untuk kanak-kanak berumur 18M-5Y dan mempunyai material Eco Friendly PP dengan beban maksimum 23kg.

    ? Diperakui oleh keperluan & piawaian keselamatan antarabangsa (EN71, ASTM F963-17, AS/NZS ISO 8124)

  5. Sebrinah Yeo
    2 reviews

    The real deal

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 2, 2021

    This Mumu Euphony training potty has been super convenient and easy to use. My daughter loves going to the toilet now and she can even let me know when she needs to go to the toilet. It has been effective to train her because of this life-size potty that is of my daughter’s size (she is 2yrs). It’s a very neat, compact and lightweight design. Easy to clean and store. The flush sound is very adorable ?

  6. Janice Yong07
    3 reviews

    We love Mumu Euphony Training Potty

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 1, 2021

    Unboxing Mumu Euphony Training Potty for little Jarv??

    This gift just came in time for Jarv to start his potty training?. What is so special about this potty?. The design of Mumu Euphony Training Potty is so realistic as adult toilet bowl. It also comes with a flush sound which really catching kid’s interest. This would be a great motivation for me and Jarv for the transition from diapers.

    Fyi, it is suitable for child between 18M-5Y and the material is Eco friendly PP with maximum load of 23kg. My boy now is starting his potty training, he is happy and not resist to sit on the potty. This is a good sign as a starting point. We will continue to the journey with the help of Mumu Euphony Training Potty
    Mumu- From heart to heart♥️

  7. Emily Moey
    5 reviews

    Sturdy and Realistic Potty! Love it

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 26, 2021

    Mumu Euphony is a great little toilet for potty training, it’s just the right size for my baby with smooth angle. The potty is so sturdy and my baby can sit firmly on the potty

    Most importantly it’s very easy to use and clean. Superb for a busy mom like me. The flushing sound is adorable and it looks just like the adult version. My baby instantly fall in love with the flushing sound. potty is sturdy and my baby can sit on it firmly.

    I am very glad that the potty is safe whereby the battery is fixed in a safe area with screws and the potty is certified by international safety requirements & standards (EN 71, ASTM F963-17, AS/NZS ISO 8124).

    Looking forward for a smooth and happy potty training with Mumu Euphony. Definitely 5 stars!

  8. nicolechiong
    10 reviews

    Potty Training with Mumu Euphony

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 26, 2021

    Mumu Euphony Training Potty is so realistic! It looks like a mini version of regular adult toilet bowl, with flush sound some more. The training potty in clean white looks elegant, and it is ideal for boys and girls between 18 months old and 5 years old. It has rounded edge and smooth surface. I am absolutely happy with the design and quality.

    How about the safety features? Not only it is certified by international safety requirements & standards, it bears the Malaysian Conformity (MC) mark. The material is BPA-free and it has anti-slip bottom which can protect the safety of our children when they are using the potty. Mumu really did a good job, well done!

    Look how comfortable my 22-month-old son is on his Mumu Euphony! The size is just nice for him. With the arrival of this award winning training potty, he is now ready for potty training. I really look forward to his potty training journey as it’s one of the major milestones to achieve. I believe it will be a pleasant journey with Mumu Euphony!

  9. Ushalni39
    6 reviews

    Mumu euphony training potty

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 22, 2021

    Its a really convinient potty for my daughter as she able to learn her self to use potty to past motion. She also feel comfortable as shr able to sit in a comfortable manne. As kids love music. This potty do provide with soothing music that allow my daughter to relax her mind. Its seriously a potty that all parents should own.

    Based on my own experience,it was too easy to me tobtrain it for my daughter.i love this which ease my daily routine

  10. Marshaliza82
    12 reviews

    Senang Latih Anak ke Tandas dengan Mumu Euphony Training Potty

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 22, 2021

    2 anak sebelum ni Marsha tak guna training potty ( bekas tandas ) sebab bagi Marsha lebih senang guna manual. Cuma bila nak duduk atas tandas duduk agak tinggi dan perlu penjagaan extra. Risau kalau jatuh kan.

    Rupanya dengan adanya Mumu Euphony Training Potty ni lebih senang Marsha nak ajar anak no 3 ni potty train. Nak duduk pun selesa. Siap ada bunyi lagi untuk pam tandas dan memang anak Marsha sangat excited bila dia rasa nak poo poo. Nak membuang je terus cari Mumu Euphony Training Potty. Comel je.

    Anak Marsha masih lagi pakai pampers dan nampak perubahan sedikit lepas guna Mumu Euphony Training Potty ni dia ada minat untuk potty train. Bekas tandas Mumu Euphony Training Potty ni agak besar seakan tandas duduk dan nampak selesa.

    Mumu Euphony Training Potty menyerupai tandas sebenar dan berwarna putih. Saiz pun sangat sesuai dengan anak-anak yang nak potty train dengan ciri keselamatan. Mumu Euphony Training Potty sangat-sangat membantu Marsha untuk potty train kan anak no 3 Marsha. Sebagai ibu Marsha sangat suka Mumu Euphony Training Potty ni.

    38 reviews

    Mumu Euphony Training Potty

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 21, 2021

    First of all, the term Euphony has the meaning of “an elegant and beautiful melody that is soothing”. The name is chosen because the child can easily and without pressure to resolve it on his own = it is indeed the wish of every parent, and every flush is also Encouraging motivation of children, cheering for children’s hard work

    Toilet training should be a time of warm communication that is stress-free, relaxing, fun, and promotes parent-child interaction. The white simulation toilet is very simple, clean and pure and flawless, just like parental care. I also hope that the children’s toilet training can be achieved smoothly.

    Each toilet is equipped with a battery before it is shipped, so that the children can start using it immediately after receiving it. Children naturally like to imitate their parents. With the existence of such a simulated toilet, even if the child has not yet begun to liberate on the toilet, he will try to sit up, uncover various parts, press the flush button, and be curious. Listen to the melody of flushing, etc. All this and the parent’s real toilet are just like copying and pasting the details, which will also make the child feel more involved. If it is placed in the toilet together, there will be no visual abruptness.

    Considering that children will be curious to open everywhere, the battery is fixed in a safe area with screws, and parents need to use tools to unlock it before they can be removed and replaced (this also greatly reduces the risk of children swallowing the battery by mistake). The toilet does not consume electricity. Even if the child is playing/using every day, the battery life can be maintained for at least half a year, so that parents do not need to run around to get the battery all the year round.

    The cleaning of the toilet is also very convenient. Don’t worry if you accidentally wet the buttons during use or cleaning. You will not be able to make a sound at first; but you only need to wipe off the excess water, and then use a hair dryer to dry the internal water droplets. Air dry, the button can continue to operate

    Generally, children’s toilets on the market are colorful, right? It looks really attractive, but are the pigments used in it non-toxic and non-heavy metals? With parents’ acceptance of simplicity and montessori’s increasing popularity, it’s actually time to return to the basics and achieve the goal they want to accomplish in the most straightforward and original way.

    Mumu emphasizes primary colors, wood, simplicity, and simplicity. Its products are mainly earth tones, and all the pigments used are high-quality green soy inks, in order to allow children to explore and explore freely in a safe environment. Groping

    The environmentally friendly PP material, weight, size, polishing, etc. of the toilet have all undergone multiple lab tests to ensure that everything is non-toxic, no heavy metals, no BPA, and no burrs, and is suitable for safe use by children.
    #mumueuphony #my100comments

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