Xingfu Ai Confinement Centre

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Xingfu Ai Confinement Centre aims to offer amazing service not only to moms and newborns, but to the new dads and husbands as well. Xingfu Ai creates a welcoming environment to assist parents in dealing with various postpartum issues in the most relaxing and comfortable way possible.

Established in 2019, it currently has seven branches offering postpartum care to over 1,500 moms since its inception. Families can enjoy the nice, relaxing environment that boasts of private suites, ensuite bathrooms, as well as elevators and parking spots. Xingfu Ai provides professional 1-to-1 nurses and skilled medical care team to ensure the best confinement care for new moms. Other services offered include expertly prepared confinement meals, postpartum weight loss programmes, baby health check, and more.

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