EUBOS Haut Ruhe Caring Oil

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Eubos haut ruhe caring oil

  • Specially formulated for baby and children.  This lightweight body oil conditions and nourishes skin Without leaving a greasy residue so you can feel refreshed.  (non-greasy oily base – very effective for repairing skin)
  • Eubos haut ruhe caring oil is a skin care product based purely plant-derived components      For dry, rough and irritated and delicate skin of babies and children.   Also is ideally used for massaging the Whole body including the belly during pregnancy.   It is a calming effect on the skin and senses, alleviates Itching caused by skin dryness and reduces scaling significantly.
  • Eubos haut ruhe caring oil helps strengthen the natural barrier function and makes the skin soft and supple again,  Thus enhancing babies and children skin to become healthier.

The product is highly recommended by midwives  as therapy-accompanying care,  as a massage oil to soothe nappy rash and heat rash. Dermatologically and clinically proven efficacy and compatibility. Natural lavender oil for a pleasant and calming aroma.

* free for preservative, peg, dye, lanolin, alkaline, soap.


  • Sunflower seed oil , simmondsia chinensis seed oil , sweet almond oil , prunus domestica seed extract , Salvia hispanica seed oil , vine extract , helianthus annuus seed oil  , echium plantagineum seed oil.
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