Baby Talk & Mama Papa Readers’ Choice Award 2020

Establishing and promoting a brand thereof are vital components in gaining consumer trust and preference. In today’s intensely competitive scenario, it is crucial for brand reputation to be sustained in safeguarding and building a brand’s market share. Trust is everything and once lost, it is truly difficult to retrieve and be regained.

Consumers seek tangible value in a brand, placing priority on brand features including excellence both in product quality and service rendered.

Annually, it is our practice to ascertain with consumers on their preferred brands in terms of trustworthiness. This we achieve by gathering votes and conducting surveys. In so doing, we can then determine the top brands of products and services as they emerge as worthy winners in their respective categories.

It is thus our pleasure to welcome you to our 9th Year of prestigious Annual magazine awards, namely The BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards 2020! Yes, YOU our discerning readers have ‘spoken and chosen’ with your valued combined votes and opinions. Every award depicts a distinguished achievement, a brand name which has grown among consumers to be synonymous with quality, purpose and reputation.

Kudos to the winners – these brands have, in their own categories, gained the unflinching and sustained loyalty of today’s discerning consumers who admittedly equate value for their money.

The BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice DIAMOND Awards 2020

This year, we take pride in revealing the esteemed recipients of our BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice DIAMOND Awards 2020! This Award illustrates the pinnacle of our recognition towards brands which have been winners for 5 (yes, FIVE!) consecutive years or more. Gaining positive consumer perception is but a start, but earning a consistently preferred reputation is what our Diamond Award Winners have attained – yes, they have indeed overcome various obstacles to achieve successes year after year.

Forging strong niches in today’s market – that is what our Diamond Award winners can be proud of in carving a permanent place in the hearts of consumers in continually appealing to them with their value and lifestyle relevance. Moreover, this Award exemplifies the ‘winning mindset’ in perceiving the need to strive for ongoing innovation and advancement amidst competitors.

To our esteemed Winners…Congratulations!

BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice DIAMOND Awards 2020

BabyTalk & MamaPapa Readers’ Choice Awards 2020

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