Foodies with love Veggie Pasta

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NATURAL Veggie Pasta: wet market vegetables, normal wheat flour, water

ORGANIC Veggie Pasta: organic vegetables, organic wheat flour, water


The pasta is made of 40-50% vegetables including fibers, unbleached flour & water. It’s 100% natural and high in nutrients. And what’s the best about the pasta where it does not have added egg, salt, oil, sugar, artificial coloring, artificial flavouring, preservatives and MSG.

  1. tomorrow_esther
    92 reviews

    手工制作的foodies with love天然蔬菜意大利面条!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 30, 2022

    因为在健康时尚直播赢奖品送foodies with love产品,特别喜欢这款五色蔬菜的Pasta意大利面条, 一试就非常喜欢,之后也有推荐给素食朋友。因为这是无添加人工色素的面条,成分和原料非常天然,所以小宝贝也可以吃。五色都是用新鲜蔬菜汁加上有机面粉手工制作,所以价格会比较贵。

  2. Sarapan sihat anak ceria

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 4, 2020

    Wow, anak-anak teruja sangat dengan veggie pasta ni sebab dia ada colour. Saya buatkan kuah carbonara makan penuh berselera mereka tadi sampai tak cukup pula. Pasta ni sedap sebab dia dari bahan semulajadi yang sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur. Saya pasti akan masak hidangan ini lagi.

  3. Ila Dila
    1 reviews

    Veggie pasta

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 4, 2020

    Veggie Pasta
    Ila sangat suka dengan veggie pasta selain ia cantik berwarna warni dan ia senang untuk ila membentuk watak kesukan yang comel2 … 100% dari sayuran tanpa pewarna tambahan. Cepat dimasak dan sesuai utk kanak..kanak dan bayi…

  4. Mohd Sharin Hafiza
    2 reviews

    Nutrient-packed healthy veggie pasta

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 3, 2020

    This nutrient-packed healthy veggie pasta is definitely one of my kids favourite food. They really love the colorful rainbow Veggie Pasta. My kids are a bit picky eaters. Thankfully they love this pasta the first time I cooked it for them. I also enjoyed this pasta. This natural and organic pasta is absolutely one of the best choices to tackle your picky eater kids who don’t like to eat vegetables. They use generous amount of vegetables to give the best nutrients to us and our kids. Definitely recommended to other parents who are searching for natural and organic food for the whole family.

  5. veggie pasta

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 3, 2020

    pasta yang sangat sesuai untuk di nikmati seisi keluarga. 100% diperbuat daripada sayur-sayuran. Sangat enak, tiada bau atau rasa yang kurang menyenangkan. Warna dan bentuk yang menarik, mampu menarik perhatian anak-anak.

  6. Lum Yuen Yuen
    3 reviews

    Foodies with love veggie pasta

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 2, 2020

    This kale pasta is rich in vege flavour, suitable for vegan and kids . 100% natural and is very nice to consume . Even kids also love it ❤️ No msg added and healthy to eat for my family.

  7. Liewsoohui
    37 reviews

    Nutritious Kale Pasta that is easy to cook

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 30, 2020

    Kale is one of the most nutrient-densed food. This organic Kale Pasta is made from all natural ingredients and free from any additive or chemicals. It is very quick and easy to prepare. It is suitable even for baby. It tastes good. My baby is even able to finish all the pasta I cooked for her. Highly recommended!

  8. Erica_Jay37
    1 reviews

    High Quality and Nutritious Veggie Pasta

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 23, 2020

    Thumb up for the delicious Veggie Pasta by Foodies with Love. It is definitely an ideal choice to get picky children to eat vegetables and fall in love with this colourful pasta. This high quality pasta is attractive, easy to cook in just a few minutes and full of nutrients! It even suitable for vegan and babies!

  9. Yvonne P'hng
    5 reviews

    Great flavor, healthy pasta

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 22, 2020

    Delicious pasta with the added bonus of being good for you! Great flavor, help people live better by bringing well-being and the joy of eating into their everyday lives.High quality healthy pastas,that are easy to make and use in a recipe.

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