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Mama Confinement Services – Placenta Capsules – Ensuring The Total Recovery Of New Mothers

Mama Confinement Services is a humble home-based postpartum service which helps the bodies of new mothers to transition through their postpartum period. They have a marvellous way to help one to avoid the ‘baby blues’ and to treat the symptoms of postpartum depression. A new mother needs adequate rest to recover, combined with appropriate and necessary nourishment.

At Mama Confinement Services, they realised via Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that the placenta in itself is an amazingly great and wonderful tonic. This truly precious gift is packed with proteins, vitamins, iron, calcium, phosphorus, trace elements and female hormones. In essence, the human placenta may actually be eaten and indeed more and more mothers are acknowledging the fascinating health benefits and edible value of placenta.

Marvellously, the placenta created by a mother contains her very own natural hormones. These hormones are retained following birth and the procedure of ‘reintroducing’ them back to her system is believed to ease postpartum hormonal fluctuations.

How can this ‘reintroduction’ process be made possible? Through ‘placenta encapsulation’ to produce ‘placenta capsules’, which is then consumed as a health supplement. And assuredly, Mama Confinement Services is the placenta encapsulation specialist to guide you through this. Towards ensuring and maintaining the nutritional value of this beneficial placenta content, Mama Confinement Services offers a trusted and professional placenta capsule production procedure involving TCM techniques. The result – traditionally-made precious capsules to expedite new mothers’ recovering after delivery.

Placenta capsules are also taken as beauty enhancing products especially for skin tone and complexion refinement. Following her childbirth, mothers are encouraged to take these capsules 1-3 times daily. Besides containing an abundance of vitamins and minerals, these placenta capsules help to promote postpartum recovery, minimise the possibility of postpartum depression, reduce postpartum bleeding and induce milk secretion. Plus the capsules replenish and regains the balance hormones lost during delivery.

Mama Confinement Services has a staff force comprising professional placenta production specialists, professional technicians and instructors who have undergone special training, certified by the American PBi.

These unique placenta capsules are produced in strict adherence to TCM procedures, under stringent sterilisation, then stored aseptically and safe from any contamination. In fact, each placenta is processed individually to avert any crossover risk of infection. This is because at Mama Confinement Services, they recognise that postpartum mothers are already weakened by their delivery and seek effective nourishment via consuming these hygienically made placenta capsules. With Mama Confinement Services, new mothers can now find their ‘recovery solution’ with total peace of mind!

Mama Confinement Services has recently won the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Awards for the category of Best Placenta Encapsulation Specialist.

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