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Enhancing Brain Development in Children with BrainCarve


Did you know that humans mostly use only one side of the brain? Studies around the world in brain development show that any individual who is able to use both sides of their brain will be able to tap their resources to the maximum potential and thus remain intelligent for life. BrainCarve develops children’s ability to use both sides of their brains by offering exercises to simultaneously sharpen both their logical and creative brains.

BrainCarve is a research-based organization focusing on brain development for children between 3 and 16 years of age. Its mission is to make a difference to society by developing world-class programmes that deliver the best in children. Broadly speaking, BrainCarve is a ‘whole’ brain development programme combining foreign and Indian learning methods. It basically is a combination of the Abacus system with Western Science and Vedic Maths with Indian Science.

BrainCarve is the only brand in Asia that offers 6 in 1 programmeme to improve a child’s concentration, speed, accuracy, math skills, personality development, memory and creativity. By unifying 6 techniques, BrainCarve seeks overall brain development that stimulates both the right and the left brain portions; strengthens brain connections, enhances memory; increases retention power; develops personality and improves Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Quotient (EQ) and Communication Quotient (CQ). These techniques are intended to change the way a child thinks or acts. An English programme is incorporated to improve students’ reading, writing and speaking skills by leveraging on a fun-learning approach. Overall enhancements as a result would include improvements in visual and observation skills, listening and concentration skills.

As far as academics are concerned, BrainCarve students have increased concentration and memory skills. They have sharpness in their ability to observe, grasp, and retain knowledge. Low achievers evolve to become high achievers. With the newfound confidence and belief, the skillful BrainCarve trainers help them to identify the leader within. Normal children, slow learners or children with learning disabilities can benefit from their programmes. Parents will be advised whether a class is appropriate for their child following a pre-class assessment.

The BrainCarve whole brain development programmeme is a wholesome experience in itself. Children improve in a variety of ways, such as concentration, memory, listening skills, learning skills, creativity, imagination, self-confidence, visualization, speed and accuracy, problem-solving skills, mathematical skills, English literacy, and more. A child understands and learns the right attitude for life through the creative skills ways taught and done in the class. Through BrainCarve, children will be empowered to excel in their academic, artistic, attitude, and life skills.

If your child practices what they learn every day for 15 minutes, parents will be able see the changes gradually. Consistency is key, so day-to-day practice is mandatory to see the desired improvement. Parents can observe noticeable changes in their child within 6 to 9 months by the time their child completes 2 to 3 levels. Observant parents will be able to see subtle but very significant improvements even before that. It is recommended to do a minimum of 3 levels to see the improvements. By then, the child would start to love doing the daily practice on their own.

BrainCarve has recently won the BabyTalk Reader’s Choice Awards for Whole Brain Development Programme for Children.


For more information, visit their website at www.braincarve.my, Facebook and Instagram pages.

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