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Baby Snuggler – Sweet Dreams on a Superb Lounger

Baby Snuggler

For newborn babies, sleeping in comfort is absolutely important. So much so that extensive research had gone into finding the best solutions for them to sleep in safety and comfort. And so, the Baby Snuggler was developed after much research from a company that cares about moms and babies.

Baby Snuggler is essentially a baby lounger which resembles an extended pillow cum bed, structured for a baby to nest within, posing no risk of the little one falling out. This results in utter comfort and blissful sleep for the baby and complete peace of mind for the mummy. Happy parents have reported that babies fall asleep quickly and easily when securely nested within the baby lounger.

Baby Snuggler is uniquely designed to provide soothing comfort to newborns until the age of 6 months. The unique patented shape of the Baby Snuggler simulates the warmth of a mother’s hug when carrying her bundle of joy. This hugging sensation creates a calming effect to lull baby into a sweet and sound slumber. Baby is kept in place naturally, on its back in a gentle yet firm hold.

With the Baby Snuggler, both mother and child can both relax in co-sleeping. The Baby Snuggler is compact, yet wide enough for baby to sleep comfortably, to enjoy the cushiness of being cuddled! It will not smother or squish your infant, as it is essentially a ‘paradise platform’ for your prized prince/princess! Baby Snuggler is made with thick side padding for enhanced comfort and support.

This sturdy yet lightweight (only 1kg) lounger contains organic 100% kekabu (cottony material), providing cool comfort for babies. The finishing is durable, being made to last with high quality, natural materials which are phthalate-free. All painstakingly made with superior craftsmanship.

Being compact in shape, this Baby Snuggler can also be used for laying down your child during nappy changes and milk feeding or as a playtime platform. Also ideal for ‘tummy time’, daytime napping, infant massaging or simply lazing! And its ideal size is so convenient when travelling or simply going outdoors – a ‘portable crib’, as many satisfied mothers would agree! Baby Snuggler is available in attractive bold and pastel shades. And its colourful designs include the Limited Edition selections. Mothers may also customise the lounger by embroidering the baby’s name on it. Indeed this is a beautiful way to express the love and close bond between mother and child.

When the baby is safely ensconced within the Baby Snuggler, mummy can allow her arms and back to take a well-deserved break from constantly cradling the baby. Thus it is no surprise that Baby Snuggler has emerged as the No. 1 choice among smart parents!

Baby Snuggler has recently won the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Award 2020 for the category of Baby Lounger.

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