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IGS English Offers Proper And Complete English Courses For Children

Realising the importance for young children to master the English language, many parents today are constantly on the lookout for good English language programmes for their kids. Parents who are really serious about the matter tend to choose IGS English, a school that focuses on proper English acquisition for children.

What makes IGS English different from other language centres is that it not only improves the proficiency of your child but also instil confidence and stimulate your child’s interest in learning and speaking English.

The programmes are designed for children from 4 to 18, and they include Starter’s English, Reading Programme, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Leadership English, IGCSE English as well as the acclaimed Cambridge English course. At IGS, attention is given to every aspect of the language, which includes vocabulary, sentence structure, writing and public speaking skills. From the introductory level of the English language for very young age group or beginners, right up to qualifying for internationally renowned exams such as the Integrated Skills in English (ISE) as well as the Graded Exam in Spoken English (GESE) from Trinity College London, the school’s outreaching educators give their all to ensure children master English of international standard in a fun and conducive environment.

IGS was recently recognised as the Best English Language School by BabyTalk Reader’s Choice Awards 2020.

For more information, visit their website at http://www.igsenglish.com or Facebook Page (@IGSEnglish) to know more about the class that suits your kids.

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