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CAK Sports Academy – Get Stronger & Better – With Proper Exercise!

CAK Sports Academy

As a parent, the health of your children is your priority and primary concern. Evidently, parents would only want the very best for their kids. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle for their children, parents should insist on physical exercise in ensuring that their kids will be more vibrant and energetic.

CAK (Coach Agas Kasim) Sports Academy is THE place for health-giving sports activities and extra-curricular activities, offering their services to kids aged from as young as 5 years old whereby focus is directed towards invigorating youth via multilateral sports.

At CAK Sports Academy, their sports programmes are presented as ‘Fun Training’ (fun events) which not only assist kids in their physical development but also helps them realize that these activities are not burdensome.

‘Balancing’ is one of the physical exercises highlighted in the programs at CAK Sports Academy. Balance is the ability of oneself to stay upright or maintain control of body movements and ‘balance training’ enables kids to strengthen the muscles which help one to stay upright. The muscles involved would primarily be those at the legs, core and spine. Gymnastics and ballet are just two activities which especially require perfect balance, agility, flexibility and body coordination.

‘Terrific Tots’ is a fun activity designed for 2 to 3 year-olds consisting of events such as structured games, fascinating ‘Adventures’. In these activities, kids learn sports skills, acquire fine and gross motor proficiency and strengthen their manipulative skills.

CAK Sports Academy also possesses expertise in motivating, training and eliciting talents in kids who are sports enthusiasts. With organized and continuous training, your child will be stronger and more healthy with a more resilient body defence system.

CAK Sports Academy has recently won the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Awards for the category of Multi-Sports Academy.

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