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Programmes To Guide Children & Parents

Cutie Cottage

At Cutie Cottage®, their Toddler Programme is guided by the philosophy that character should be moulded from a tender age. Because the founders realised that good practices tend to be habitual, and habitual acts can be ingrained as the norm in a child’s developing years. Thus if a child is incorrectly taught with wrong life principles when young, these incorrect behavioural patterns will surface in later life as he or she grows.

Here at Cutie Cottage®, they provide international standard early childhood care. Essentially, the children programme curriculum is designed to follow the developmental milestones and uniqueness of each specific age group. Plus, Cutie Cottage® closely collaborates with medical professionals, well-established enrichment schools and international programmes to ensure quality enrichment classes.

Moreover, they also offer developmental learning to proactive parents, within a professional and interactive environment. In this way, parents are empowered and the kids are nurtured. This developmental learning seeks to empower working parents in efforts to foster a deeper bonding and transparency within families. Thus their role here at Cutie Cottage® extends beyond – from teaching children, to guiding parents on how to fulfil their roles as fathers and mothers, in bringing up their kids with responsibility and purpose.

No surprise that Cutie Cottage® Baby & Child Care Centre has emerged as a trusted place for reliable childcare and education, every time!

Cutie Cottage® Baby & Child Care Centre has recently won the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Award for the category of Toddler Programme.

Cutie Cottage BabyTalk Awards

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