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Bath times can be fun times with the Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub! It is designed to minimise bathtime stress for parents and maximise the fun for baby. Ideal for newborns, its clever bum bump helps to support even the tiniest baby to be seated uprightly, towards enjoying a more comfortable bath experience for babies aged up to 12 months plus.  Shnuggle’s contoured base provides extra comfort and added assurance is provided by the grippy surface. Babies will love its comfortable padded foam backrest. Moreover, the compact size helps to maintain the warmth of the water, where only 2 litres are needed to fill it up. Included is a useful plug for easy water discharge and refill. And the tub is free from BPA!

  1. sitinadiahahmad62
    73 reviews

    Baby snuggle yang best

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 3, 2021

    Saya membeli baby snuggle ni dgn harga rm142+- di shoppee. Antara baby tub yang paling best la sy beli. Tak sakitkan pinggang saya. Saya beranak czer, so mandikan anak twins memang memenatkan. So sy beli je baby snuggle ni. Best sgt. Dan saya amat rekomen kan pada yang lain untuk guna ni. Anak sy suka je dok dalam tu, tepuk2 air. Happy je. Dia ada paras max air yang boleh diisi. So jangan risau.

  2. vanshi03
    6 reviews

    Snuggle Baby bath tub

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 30, 2020

    Thank you very much for this awesome giveaway. My little girl absolutely gonna loves bath time after this! She loves the water the toys, the bubbles, all of it! This set is literally everything we are missing and everything I feel we need! These would help all be really helpful and they are just cute. Thanks a million 100comments

  3. Baby Bathtub

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 7, 2020

    “Perfect for when baby is under 5 months or so. I love how it folds flat and you can hang it on the back of a door! Just such a simple and brilliant design.

  4. syifaaadriana52
    1 reviews

    Shnuggle Baby Bathtub

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 12, 2020

    my mom very like it this bathtub,lawa sangat bath tub dia ? saiz dia pun tk terlalu besar,muat muat je,so bila nk letak baby tkde lah diorang jatuh,dan ada lubang untuk keluar kn air,syok sangat tengok dia mandi dlm bathtub ni ? tempat nk sandar badan pun selesa,???

  5. safinassab91
    2 reviews

    The Best Bath Tub Ever!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 30, 2020

    I loveeeeee this bath tub! It’s so lightweight I can bring it to anywhere around the house (I put it on my dining table) to bath my newborn (please do support their neck with your palm) and yes, I used it ever since my baby was born. He totally loves it! I love the modern design and the baby blue color too. It’s also safe for my son and I totally recommend this tub to all mommies to bath their babies since you can use it up to 12 months or more!

  6. Ciknurezza29
    1 reviews

    Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub - Compact Support Seat for Newborns, Wash Infants and Make Bath Time Easy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 18, 2020

    BABY BATH TUB – It’s easier than ever to wash my baby with this supported baby bath tub.
    COMPACT SIZE – This cozy bathtub is designed with smooth curves and a flowing roll top. Its compact size allows me to bathe baby using only two litres of water so it will keep warm my baby.
    FOAM BACKREST – This baby wash tub has a large, warm foam backrest so baby will stay comfortable during bath time. It also features worry-free, grippe non-slip feet so baby won’t slip.
    PORTABLE – Very Lightweight and portable, on-the-go with this wash tub.
    * SUPPORT – The Shnuggle gives baby the support they need so i can be hands-free on.

    41 reviews

    Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 17, 2020

    Thanks you very much 100Comments for giving the Shnuggle Baby Bathtub worth RM154 each. #my100commentsgiveaway #shnuggle #shnugglebathtub #giveawaymalaysia #my100comments

    Posted by Angela Loo on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

    When I haven’t used this Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub for my baby, I was really afraid to take a bath with my baby. It’s convenient and safe to help your baby take a bath. Don’t worry about the baby’s suffocation. I highly recommend novice mothers to use this baby bath tray.

  8. Limhiang05
    3 reviews

    Great bath time

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 17, 2020

    SHNUGGLE Bath, White with Grey Backrest I receive this to use for my baby, and it is the best bathtub I’ve ever had for an infant. All the tubs I see on the market expose their bellies and other parts that they look like they’re freezing, and this tub immerses them into the nice warm water in a way that makes them feel safe and cozy. She liked it immediately. It fits in my kitchen sink, so I am able to be right at her height to keep her safe (even though she’s showering the entire room as she splashes). The height of the back and its padding are perfect from newborn up until a year or more depending on the size of your child. There is a hump in the bottom to keep the baby from sliding down into the water. The knees go over that hump kind of like the way a hospital bed keeps you from sliding down when the lower part is raised under your knees. But the only parts that are exposed on the child the chest, arms, neck and head

  9. Atreyu420306
    8 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 13, 2020

    Love this Shnuggle Baby Bath as it gives a perfect fit for my newborn and it fits properly on the sink too. The bum bump is so perfect as it helps to prevent my baby from sliding in the water. normally other tub if use will easily slide and you cannot let go of your baby. With this Shnuggle Baby Bath, i can let go and let baby sit while i put shampoo and body wash. The handy plug is alo very good as i dont need to pour the water out anymore. I just need to open the plug and the water will flow out.

  10. Shika88
    687 reviews

    Pilihan Ibu Bijak!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 11, 2020

    Pilihan terbaik untuk zaman modern ni Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub… sangat memudahkan dan senang digunakan ketika Mandikan baby .. Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub mempunyai ciri keselamatan yg sangat terbaik dan material product berkualiti tinggi… highly recommended untuk kegunaan parents bagi memandikan bayi.. kite juga tidak perlu nk pegang bayi terlalu lama just letak air pada paras yg bertanda pada Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub and boleh sandarkan bayi ditempat yg disediakan serta bayi juga tidak akan menggelongsor kedalam tub kerana bonggol yg sangat selamat utk bayi… kite boleh shampoo serta bersihkan bayi sambil bermain dan enjoy waktu mandikan bayi bersama serta dapat merakamkan detik indah gelagat mandikan bayi yg tidak akan dilupakan sampai bila-bila… Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub juga sediakn lubang untuk keluarkan air so tak payah tunggang atau angkat tub untuk dibersihkn… sejak pregnant I memang alami sakit belakang pinggang so Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub sangat membantu sy juga mudah dibersihkn selepas digunakan…ianya juga ringan dan terasa padat quality tu so xdela mcm bile pegang tu lembek atau cepat pecah…

  11. Suny
    30 reviews

    Shnuggle Baby Bath Tub

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 10, 2020

    First time guna real baby bath tub. Memang selesa untuk baby mandi, memudahkan sesi mandi baby bagi semua parent. Direka agar baby takkan terjatuh atau tergelongsor. Ada lubang untuk air keluar juga. Belakang kepala baby pula ada grip supaya baby bersandar dengan selesa.

  12. Syerasyera43
    32 reviews

    Perfect for newborn and up

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 4, 2020

    I have been through FIVE bathtubs with my baby. Yup. Five. Let me tell you….. just buy this one! That’s the short answer. In an effort to be more helpful, though- here’s the long one.

    1. PERFECT ANGLE FOR SECURING THE BABY. This bathtub holds the baby securely in place, because it has a steep enough back relative to the large center stump on the tub floor (the stump which goes between the legs). Because of the perfect angle- whether baby is reclining or sitting up- he isn’t slipping or sliding around. The angle, in other words, creates the right amount of hip flexion in either position. Which seems so simple, but it is more than I can say for all the other tubs I tried.

    2. MUCH COMFIER FOR BABY. Baby isn’t being held up awkwardly underneath his arms (as is the case with so-called dual infant/toddler tubs) or laying way back so that water gets up around his face and mouth (as with the keep-me-warm waterfall tubs). The back is lined with a nice grippy foam, so it doesn’t get cold. My baby is so much happier- he can relax back comfortably without swallowing water, or sit forward and splash away at the water. He loves to grab the front edges of the tub, and he can do that quite happily without feeling unstable.

    3. IT’S ONE PIECE AND FOOLPROOF. There are no bells or whistles to break or malfunction. It can’t pop and deflate like both of the inflatable tubs I tried did (true story). It doesn’t fold down or open up, or have any attachments that don’t quite fit (waterfall tub, I’m looking at you!). It’s just a simple piece of plastic that’s sturdy and solid. It even has a little line that’s labeled “maximum water fill line”- so it’s literally fool proof. Woo hoo!

    4. THE CENTRAL STUMP IS LARGE AND TRIANGULAR. The central stump is crucial in any tub. This one is basically a large knee wedge – it has a pyramidal/triangular shape to it. So even bigger babies can’t easily slip over the top of it when the tub is full. (Which happened with ALL THE OTHER TUBS I TRIED.) But this stump is so
    big and ergonomic that my almost-but-not-quite-sitting-up-on-his-own-five-month-old baby can sit all the way forward- and it totally prevents him from face-planting into the water.

    This means I can use two hands to bathe him- and not have to worry about him falling and smacking his head in any direction. Hallelujah!

    5. IT IS MIDDLE OF THE ROAD IN PRICE. $35 is not too bad. Plenty of tubs run $40-$50 or more. This one is well worth $35.

    6. IT IS SMALL FROM FRONT TO BACK, AND LARGE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. This means it can probably fit into your sink (if your faucet allows). But I just use it in the regular tub anyway.

    7. WORKS FOR INFANTS THRU EARLY TODDLER- or until they grow out of it size-wise. I wish I had had this one from the beginning !!

  13. Snoopyin92
    20 reviews

    Shnuggle Baby Bath is the perfect shape to bath your little one!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 25, 2020

    I loved that the patented Shnuggle bath supports and protects my baby using the Bum Bump and large foam backrest. From a newborn (Stage one) simply use one hand to support babies head until they can hold it up by themselves, after which you can bath baby hands-free as their bones are still soft and they can’t sit on their own still. The large foam backrest is warm against babies skin, which helps make my baby comfortable and happy at bathtime and reduces the chance of tears. The rubber feet keep it steady even on very shiny tiles which is an added bonus and I’d be very happy to place it on a counter top.

    It’s definitely make me more confident and made the whole process way more fun and relaxed. I think we both really enjoyed bath time as my child gets older be hands-free while I bathe my little one. It gives my baby the support they need so I can be hands-free and they can be comfortable while they take a bath. I would definitely recommend this to expecting mommies out there to get this tub as is perfect for all babies to support them during their development, but it is particuarly helpful for babies with reduced mobility, low body tone or other additional needs as the support helps for longer and helps baby to develop core muscles for sitting in a safe and fun environment.

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