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PRUMy Critical Care – Helping You Stay Prepared To Face Life’s Crises

PRUMy Critical Care

Amidst the pressures and demands, especially in the urban lifestyle, critical illnesses such as Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack are no respecter of persons, regardless of age, gender, marital status or fitness level. Ask yourself – if a critical illness does strike, would you be financially prepared? What about being prepared for the recovery journey, which may be long and arduous, or may have serious financial repercussions to you and your family such as loss of income and mounting medical expenses?

But now with PRUMy Critical Care, you can have peace of mind – it covers you beyond your medical policy with a lump sum payment due to you. In fact, you can customise your own protection plan to suit your needs and affordability – yes, from even as low as RM100 [1]! Start safeguarding yourself from any possible eventualities TODAY before anything unforeseen actually happens!

PRUMy Critical Care offers you complete critical illness protection to ensure that you get the treatment that you deserve, thus allowing you to focus on recovery, and protect your dreams so that your loved ones’ lives are not compromised.


PRUMy Critical Care offers you comprehensive coverage on critical illness, from early to late-stage critical illness and up to 160 conditions. This plan also provides for re-diagnosis coverage for Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke categories (provided the condition is unrelated to the first diagnosis). You are also entitled to make multiple claims up to 400% of the rider sum assured for different stages of critical illness.

PRUMy Critical Care is a ‘Comprehensive’ plan providing complete coverage encompassing Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Accident coverage, Payor Benefits plus Medical Benefits – all from RM218[1] per month.

PRUMy Critical Care helps you to stay strong by offering coverage for different conditions at any stage of the critical illness and also provides you with extra cover on diabetic and joint-related conditions under its Special Benefits coverage.

Recently, PRUMy Critical Care won the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Award for the category of Best Critical Illness Insurance Plan.

PRUMy Critical Care


Prudential also offers other solutions which suit your affordability such as PRUTriple 100 is a ‘Lite’ plan offering Life Insurance and Critical Illness coverage starting from just RM100[1] per month! While PRUTriple Care is a ‘Plus’ plan providing Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Accident coverage and Payor Benefits, all from merely RM122[1] per month.

For more details on PRUMY Critical Care, visit the website.

[1] Monthly premium quoted above is based on age 20, occupation class 1, Non-Smoker Male, policy term of age 70 with auto-extension^, and 100% PRULink Managed Fund II.

^This product comes with an option to extend the term of basic plan and rider(s) (if applicable) up to the Policy Anniversary of Life Assured’s age 100 or the rider’s maximum coverage term, whichever is earlier. Unless you withdraw the consent, policy will be auto extended as long as it has sufficient value of units to be deducted to pay for the relevant charges, fees and taxes during the extended term. To ensure sufficient value of units, additional premium is likely required during the extended term. Any age reference shall be on the basis of Age Next Birthday.

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