Tefal Infiny Juice

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The Infiny Press Revolution uses constant yet gentle pressure to extract all the juice from each ingredient. Its slowly rotating mechanism exerts delicate pressure to extract the best from all kinds of fruits, vegetables or even fresh herbs. The Infiny Juice Revolution retains not just the inimitable flavour of each fresh ingredient, but all of its nutrients as well. It extracts 35% more juice, 30% more vitamin C, and 75% more antioxidants than a traditional centrifugal juicer.

Access to an endless variety of simple juices and complex cocktails, day or night!

  • Start the day with an energising apple, orange and carrot juice.
  • Need a break? Grab yourself a smooth banana, apple and kiwi juice.
  • Got friends coming over? Surprise them with a purple aperitif made from beetroot, orange, onion and garlic juice.
  • Then finish off the meal with a dish of fromage blanc topped with a homemade, fruits-of-the-forest coulis. An out-and-out winner!
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