Essential Hair Care Volume Boost Shampoo
Essential Hair Care Volume Boost Shampoo

Essential Hair Care Volume Boost Shampoo

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Are you suffering from excessive hair loss issue that has taken a serious toll on your self-esteem and confidence?

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon but you should be worried when you are losing more hair than new hair growing. This is when you need to take matters seriously and start preaching on effective hair loss remedies that are proven effective to help with hair loss.

Introducing you the advanced anti hair loss shampoo specially formulated based on scientific and beauty technology that activates the scalp’s microcirculation, stimulating hair metabolism and healthy scalp!

Result in 3 Months!

Wonder what is the solution that Essential Volume Boost shampoo provides?

Pisum sativum peptide: A superfood for your hair that has the complete source of amino acids to help stimulate and strengthen follicle stem cells
Mushroom extract: Contains actives that help to prevent hair loss
Vitamin Bs: The essential Bs that support hair growth, strengthen and thicken hair
Menthol: Helps to increase blood flow in scalp and nourish hair follicles

Essential oils:

  • Geranium Oil: To promote hair growth and regulate dryness of hair
  • Ginger Root Oil: Contains abundance of fatty acids that help with hair thinning, as well as encouraging blood flow to scalp and works as a natural antiseptic for dandruff
  • Ylang Ylang Oil: Contains actives that balance oil production in scalp and thus support healthy hair growth

Say goodbye to your hair loss and regain your confidence with Essential Volume Boost shampoo!

For optimal effect, use Essential Volume Boost shampoo with its conditioner, which makes the perfect pair!


你知道吗?头发也需要养分,像种花一样。没有养分滋养的头发,就会导致头发稀疏、脱发、头皮屑、头皮瘙痒、发尾开叉、干枯无光泽甚至早白!其实养头发和种花一样,别等到头发一大把一大把掉才来保养……想要告别脱发,拯救濒危发际线,从洗头发开始做起!您的脱发救星,首选的就是Essential Hair Care 护发系列的 Volume Boost Shampoo 固发防脱洗发水。

Essential 匠心打造的 Hair Care 护发系列是专门为脱发和稀疏发质设计养护头皮的防脱发产品。Volume Boost Shampoo 固发防脱洗发水的配方中主要成分有豌豆肽、磨菇萃取精华、维生素B、薄荷醇以及复方精油等,主要帮助头皮补充养分,唤醒毛囊重新出“发”,一瓶搞定脱发、断发、头皮屑等多种问题。

一瓶优质的防脱洗发水,能解决80%的脱发问题,日常使用 Volume Boost Shampoo 固发防脱洗发水,不仅可以去除残留在头皮上的污垢、油脂甚至细菌等等,好让后续的养分更容易被毛囊吸收,并顺利进入头皮深层,可以有效帮助激活头皮微循环,让发根更稳固,提升发丝强韧度,头发不再轻易脱落!Volume Boost Shampoo 固发防脱洗发水与滋润修复护发素是洗护完美拍档,搭配使用有助于深层调理发质,能让干枯毛躁受损的发质得到改善。

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