Sesderma HIDRADERM Body Wash

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Sesderma HIDRADERM Body Wash is a shower gel that can be used for the care of hair as well as the intimate surroundings. Thanks to the content of Aloe Vera and a lactic acid product has strong moisturizing properties. It is extremely pleasant gel with a high oily formula based on the 3 sizes of liposome hyaluronic acid that give multilayer moisturizing from the first contact with a skin.

3 types of hyaluronic acid with multilayer moisturising properties:

Free hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight
Act on the surface, form protective layer on the stratum corneum. Prevent water loss through the skin.

Hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight
It is encapsulated in liposomes.

Hyaluronic acid with very low molecular weight
It is encapsulated in liposomes as well.

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