Nutriva A-Rimau
Nutriva A-Rimau

Nutriva A-Rimau

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Nutriva A-Rimau contains a standardised, patented and clinically tested Tongkat Ali root extract (100.1) (US Patent: 7132117, EU Patent: 1313491), enhanced with a broad spectrum cultivated Tiger Milk Mushroom sclerotia powder (LiGNO TM02®) to significantly improve health and performance of men.

Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia), also known as Malaysian ginseng is widely distributed in Southeast Asia and has long been used as an energy tonic and remedy for andropause treatment. Our patented extract is compliant to Phytopharmaceutical Aspects of Freeze Dried Water Extract from Tongkat Ali Roots – Specification Malaysian Standard (MS 2409:2011). The standardisation of our Tongkat Ali root extract is based on four characteristics compounds (Eurycomanone, total protein, total polysaccharide and glycosaponin).

Tiger Milk Mushrom (Lignosus Rhinocerus) is one of the highly -revered medicinal mushroom with more than 400 years history of use in Malaysia. It has traditionally been used as general tonic to promote vitality, strengthen immune system and reduce the symptoms of respiratory illnesses. Sclerotium (underground tuber) of Tiger Milk Mushroom (TMM) contains bioactive compounds that are responsible for its therapeutic effects. The tuber will lose its therapeutic benefits when it uses the nutrients to form the fruiting body. In addition, wild TMM is rare and difficult to be collected. Nowadays, the prevailing successful cultivation method can produce a consistent supply of TMM and preserve its medicinal properties by harvesting the sclerotia (tubers) at the best timing.

Traditionally used to invigorate vital energy.

Recommended Dosage:
Adults take 1-2 capsules daily before a meal.

Active Ingredients:
Lignosus rhinocerus powder 250mg and Eurycoma Longifolia Jack Extract (Tongkat Ali) 100mg

*Remark: This is a traditional medicine. If symptoms persist, please consult a doctor.



  • Increase stamina and endurance
  • Overcome stress, tiredness and lethargy
  • Support normal hormone level
  • Improve sperm quality
  • Promote physical and mental wellness
  • Natural and safe approach to men’s health
  • Suitable for vegetarians

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  1. Avatar

    649 reviews

    Kekalkan kecergasan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 13, 2020

    Nutriva A-Rimau mampu kekalkan kecergasan Dan tenaga yg berpanjangan especially untuk lelaki berusia.. my dad amalkan Dan nampak perubahan dirinya lebih aktif Dan tidak kerap alami sakit lutut atau badan lagi… Wajah juga lebih ceria Dan Nutriva A-Rimau mudah diamalkan senang dibawa kemana-mana Dan bentuk capsule senang untuk ditelan… Selera makan juga bertambah sbb terlalu semangat terutama untuk bersukan… Kaki lebih kuat Dan kini Nutriva A-Rimau telah buat my dad amalkan Gaya hidup sihat dengan mudah..

  2. Avatar

    21 reviews

    Meningkatkan stamina dan mengatasi keletihan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    Nutriva A Rimau mampu mengembalikan kecergasan dan stamina suami saya ketika melakukan tugasan kerja..suami saya kini tidak mempunyai masalah keletihan dan stress ditempat kerja dapat dikurangkan..Sebagai nurse dialisis suami saya memerlukan tenaga untuk mengangkat pesakit yang lewat usia dan tidak dapat berjalan..Dahulunya suami sering mengadu keletihan dan setelah mencuba Nutriva A Rimau suami saya berpuas hati dan kembali bersemangat melakukan tugasan harian ditempat kerja.

  3. Avatar

    Az H
    2 reviews

    No bad aftertaste

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    It’s a great energy boost which doesn’t leave my hands shaking, unlike caffeine. I like how easily absorbed it is by my body since it’s produced from naturally sourced ingredients. Easy to consume with no bitter aftertaste, too! Highly recommended.

  4. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Boost testosterone

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    It is a simple supplement that just works both for men and women. My mood is balanced and so are my hormone levels. I find my stress levels manageable and am hoping that this will help me lose the weight I gained stress-eating. Just glad it’s 100% natural and safe to consume with no side effects.

  5. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Produk terbaik

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    Suami saya memang teruja dengan produk Nutriva A-Rimau. Pil ini senang ditelan dan tiada rasa pahit. Selepas mengambil sebiji pil setiap hari, kesannya agak ketara selepas seminggu. Tenaga semakin meningkat dan si suami lebih kerap membawa kami sekeluarga keluar. Dia pun jarang selsema. Memang produk ni berkesan.

  6. Avatar

    11 reviews

    More energy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    I tried the introductory pack and it seems to work. Note that it doesn’t kick in immediately – you need to give it time to work.

  7. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Quality product

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    I’m cautious about consuming such supplements from an unverified source. But as Nutriva is a reputable company, I gave A-Rimau to my uncle with total peace of mind knowing that it is made from 100% quality natural ingredients. He said that it gave him such an energy boost that is better than coffee. It also made him more productive at work as he is now on fire to get things done. Pretty awesome stuff!

  8. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Good stuff

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    I like that it’s in capsule form because my partner is very fussy about the things he eats and will reject anything bitter. I know for a fact that Tongkat ali does leave a bitter aftertaste in beverages, so that’s why the capsule option is good. Combined with the Tiger Milk Mushroom, this is a natural supplement any guy can benefit from. He says that it improves his stamina when doing his morning walk with the dogs and he could keep going throughout the day without skipping a beat or feeling overly tired. I’m glad that this is making his and our lives better.

  9. Avatar

    YT Chew
    4 reviews

    No more brain fog

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    Wow, this is a truly potent supplement for guys. My guy colleague tried it and while it did not show immediate results, I could gradually see that he is not as sluggish or blur as before. I think it took about one and a half weeks before I noticed the difference. He’s even motivated to start a regular exercise routine now. Baby steps but still, pretty encouraging to see.

  10. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Lebih bertenaga

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 1, 2018

    Produk yang amat berkesan! Tahap stamina dan tenaga saya meningkat dan saya boleh melakukan aktiviti-aktiviti seharian dengan senang. Tiada keletihan langsung, malah lebih produktif. Saya amat sukakan Nutriva A-Rimau dan boleh menikmatinya tanpa was-was kerana ia dibuat dengan bahan-bahan semulajadi yang mengandungi Tongkat Ali dan Cendawan Susu Harimau. Tiada kesan sampingan dan ia mampu membaiki mood saya dan membantu saya menangani stres. Sememangnya berbaloi!

  11. Ariel
    218 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 31, 2018

    My brother consumed this for a couple of weeks before he started noticing that he’s no longer sluggish after lunch and can concentrate better at work. He is also able to lug heavy grocery bags around with his family longer without feeling fatigued. Overall, am happy to see that he’s seeing visible results and that his quality of life is getting better.

  12. Avatar

    4 reviews

    Nutriva A-Rimau, Best!!!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 31, 2018

    “Nutriva A-Rimau, thank you for keeping me energetic and full of stamina!”
    Before that, 3 rounds of jogging in the park made me so tired. After taking Nutriva A-Rimau, 6 rounds of jogging in the same park is never a problem for me anymore.
    Not only that, this product also increases my concentration and further increases my job performance.
    Best of all, this product is made of natural ingredients and can be consumed without worry ??

  13. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Miracle worker!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 31, 2018

    I’ve consumed this for about a couple of weeks – not every day but whenever I could remember. But I find it quite effective nevertheless. I noticed some visible improvement in my overall strength and basic performance when I go for my daily jogs and just doing my usual activities. I’m also able to focus more at work and experience more productivity. Consistency is key for better performance, for sure.

  14. Avatar

    1 reviews

    Boost of energy

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 31, 2018

    Gave this to my brother who works out regularly at the gym. He tried it for two weeks and said he experienced more energy to complete his workout easily. He no longer needs to fuel up with pre-workout drinks. This stuff is amazing and best of all, it’s all natural. Worth a try for sure!

  15. Syarifah Fyairus
    104 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 28, 2018


  16. Avatar

    377 reviews

    Tambah tenaga

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 27, 2018

    Terima kasih beri peluang untuk saya mencuba produk Nutriva A-Rimau ini pada suami saya. Ternyata memang ia memberi kesan tambah tenaga kepada suami. Suami saya seorang mekanik, memerlukan daya stamina yang tinggi dan mental. Dia juga sering mengalami tekanan kerana tekanan kerja yang berat dan banyak teka-teki bagi menyiapkan sesuatu kenderaan atau barang yang rosak. Dengan pengambilan produk ini. Keadaan suami lebih maintance. Dia juga kurang tekanan dan masih boleh melayan saya dan anak-anak. Pembungkusan seperti tablet ubat biasa yang berada di pasaran. Logo juga menarik dan nampak lebih fokus kepada lelaki.

  17. Pn Sue Sofia
    15 reviews

    Menambah tenaga

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 26, 2018

    Selepas seharian penat bekerja Nutrivia A Rimau mampu memberikan sedikit tenaga.sebagai pemandu lori suami saya terpaksa berjaga sehingga lewat malam jadi saya memberikan suami suplemen ini untuk mengurangkan keletihan dan menambah tenaga juga stamina.sakit badan ternyata berkurangan dan suami saya sangat sukakan perubahan pada dirinya

  18. Avatar

    21 reviews

    Meningkatkan stamina dan mengatasi keletihan

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 25, 2018

    ?Meningkatkan stamina dan ketahanan
    ?Mengatasi tekanan, keletihan dan kelesuan
    ?Menyokong tahap hormon normal
    ?Meningkatkan kualiti sperma
    ?Menggalakkan kesejahteraan fizikal dan mental
    ?Pendekatan yang semulajadi dan selamat untuk kesihatan lelaki

  19. Avatar

    65 reviews

    Menambah Tenaga dan Sihat

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 16, 2018

    Suami mencuba makan herba ini dan ternyata memberi kebaikan dari segi tenaga dan lebih sihat.Tambahan pula kurang memberi tekanan dan badan kurang letih.Sakit pada sendi pun berkurangan dan semakin aktif.Suami sangat suka dan happy dengan perubahan pada dirinya.Produk ini juga bagus kerana dari herba semulajadi dan sangat berkhasiat.

  20. Avatar

    110 reviews

    Safe to consume to improve health and performance

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 11, 2018

    I am not familiar with herbs and medicine but Nutriva A-Rimau gave me peace in mind to consume it as a supplement to improve my health and performance as i knew it was clinically tested Tongkat Ali root extract and Tiger Milk Mushroom sclerotia powder as well as 100% made by natural ingredients. No side effect and No harsh chemical.

    With continuously two weeks consuming, this product is very effective in increase stamina, improve my immune system (without falling into sick within this period), better energy and focusing as well as not getting tiredness as easy as before after 1 hour jogging in the garden.

    Easy to consume with taking 1 capsule before breakfast and it supple whole day energy to complete all my required work, housework and exercise. Good for working adult who does not have much time to prepare with raw food ingredients. Loved it!

  21. Maawardah Mohamad
    166 reviews

    Membantu menambah tenaga seharian

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 10, 2018

    Nutrivia A Rimau menyelesaikan masalah keletihan seharian selepas penat bekerja. Selain itu, ia juga membantu mengurangkan tekanan apabila rasa penat hilang. Penggunaan bahan semulajadi dalam suplemen ini memberi keyakinan untuk menggunakannya kerana ia mematuhi standard yang ditetapkan.

  22. Avatar

    10 reviews

    Improve energy level

    5 out of 5, reviewed on July 4, 2018

    I consumed Nutriva A-Rimau health products without any worries as it is 100% natural which containing of Tongkat Ali and Tiger Milk Mushroom. I have better stamina and energy level to complete more trainings in the gym class after consuming it, no side effect and it works great. It lift up my mood and i can handle stress better and able to reduce my tiredness. With its friendly pricing level, it worth every penny.

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