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GC Life Cleanse containing the 3 essential factors in balancing intestines lactobacillus, which including Dietary Fibers, Oligosaccharide, and also Lactobacillus. These 3 essential factors form a golden triangles for healthy intestines, works efficacy, maintaining internal circulation, detoxification, maintaining the cleanliness and healthy of our intestines. Beside, GC Life Cleanse also helps to blocking the absorption of fats and burning the excess fats in body, thus giving you a slim and trim figure.

Consumption Recommendation: 1 sachets each day, take early in the morning with empty stomach or before go to bed.

Short-Term: Use For 3-6 Days

*Frequent elimination,frequent visit to the toilet and excretion of excess blockages from colon tracts.

*Stomach discomfort and excessive gas.This is a natural detoxification reaction in the body.

*If your body PH value is acidic or if you have suffered from previous illnesses,your body’s weaker areas may experience pain.

*Faeces floating on the surface of the toilet pedestal.These are golden yellow in colour.Improvement in disgestion system and body condition.

Middle-Term:Use For 6-45 Days

*Lowers the water content in the colon and reduces the toxin content in faeces.

*Prevents unwanted toxins from being absorbed into the body and reduces the burden of the liver system.

*Toxins in each of the organ in your body and bloodstream will be gradually reduced.The oxygen level will improve and you will feel more energetic.

*At this time,the toxic level in the body will be drastically reduced.Your personal wellbeing will improve and you will have a glowing and radiant complexion.

*Regulates the hormone system and alleviates hormonal imbalance.This will prevent ruddy skin tone,skin pigmentation and freckles.

Long-Term:Use For 45 Days & Above

*The toxins in the body will be eradicated.

*When the diseases in your body are alleviated,you will begin to recover gradually over time.

*The ability to prevent the spread of diseases is effective,this will enable you to achieve natural health,long life and vitality.

Directions For Consumption:

Always use 200ml plain water or cold water,stir and drink immediately.Drink another glass of plain water within half and hours after consumption to replace your body fluids.

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