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SHENG Nano-Hair Essential is a refining product from natural chinese medicine and
plants extraction, specially made for scalp treatment and promotes healthy new hair
growth. No coloring & hormones mild stimulation, harmless to humanbody, suitable
for all age of male and female. Specialise in reducing hair loss, increasing hair
growth, reducing hair shedding &thinning, reducing headache, repairs damaged hair
follicles, prevent premature graying, hair treatment, prevent postpartum hair loss &
improving overall hair condition. Using Nano-Technology to abstract the most active
ingredients, while still maintaining the biological activity of the original medicine. It
helps to promote the absorption of scalp.

SHENG Nano-Hair Essential mainly use for:

  • Reducing Hair Loss & Increasing Hair Growth
    Effectively remove scalp exfoliation and grease inside the pores, helps to promote
    scalp metabolism, and repairs damaged hair follicles. Subsequently, it will
    strengthen and consolidate the firmness of hair root, to prevent a large number of
    hair loss crisis happened, especially postpartum hair loss. Also, will increase hair
    growth and reduce hair shedding & thinning in the same time, by making the hair
    stronger and healthier.
  • Prevent Premature Graying
    Massage the scalp frequently with this product will helps to promote blood circulation
    of scalp, the Polygonum will improves the cell of melanin synthesis, effectively
    prevent and delay the occurrence of gray hair.
  • Reducing Headache
    Able to improves blood circulation inside the head, thereby to reduces the
  • Healing “Alopecia Areate”
    Helps to kill againts scalp ringworm and “Alopecia Areate” bacteria, thun, will prevent
    it from spread over the scalp and infection. The affected area will heals slowly.



Basic Usage Method: Gently massage entire scalp before use. Use twice a day.
Spray 10 to 12 times onto scalp and massage gently to promotes better absorption.
A set of 4 bottles in 2 months to get better effect. Long-term use, the effect is

SHENG Nano-Hair Essential gives good result and no side effects

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