Brother Max Sippy Cup

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An ideal first cup, the Brother Max Easy-Hold Sippy Cup provides optimum comfort and convenience for your little one.

  • Suitable from 4 months
  • Easy-hold first cup
  • Wrap-around handles
  • Close-&-go sipper spout
  • Easy-flow drinking spout
  • BPA Free
Designed for little hands to hold with ease, the Brother Max easy hold sippy cup helps little ones drink independently. The cup features a close and go sipper spout which is easy for baby to drink from, and will prevent spills and leaks when closed.

Care Instructions: Before each use, clean the product. Wash in warm soapy water and rinse in clean water or use a dishwasher (top shelf only). Do not clean with solvents or harsh chemicals. Do not leave in direct sunlight or near a source of heat. Do not store with or allow to come into contact with solvents or harsh chemicals.

  1. Aikoaiko25
    1052 reviews

    I love this cup and definitely recommend it!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 17, 2017

    Love the handles for little hands to carry and use.Boy was I surprised when we used this one! not only is it super cute, it has survived being dropped and has never once had any leaks or spills. I love this cup and definitely recommend it!

  2. 溦溦 林
    473 reviews

    My daughter loves this cup!

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 25, 2017

    My daughter loves this cup! We started using it when she was 8 months old. she had no problem learning to use it. The valves are super easy to clean it.

  3. Niki Tay
    996 reviews

    Great product

    4 out of 5, reviewed on August 24, 2017

    Great product and well priced given it is a really well designed product.They have the little handle on, to make it easy for little hands to hold it

  4. miera97
    132 reviews

    Brother Max Sippy Cup

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 24, 2017

    Brother Max Sippy Cup mempunyai rekaan yang bersesuaian untuk kanak-kanak dengan pemegang kiri dan kanan, mudah untuk di sedut , boleh di tutup dan di buka sebelum dan selepas minum, lebih selamat dan dijamin bersih, tidak mudah tumpah dan senang di bawa kemana-mana.

  5. NC Thi
    5 reviews

    Colorful, cute, comfortable

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 12, 2017

    My granddaughter loves the cup. Cute handy design. Colorful and safe to use. My granddaughter can drink independently using the cup. Nice????

  6. Chen2nat08
    56 reviews

    Simple yet user friendly design

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 12, 2017

    When I first held the Brother Max sippy cup, my first thoughts were “light”. Then came my concern, the plastic was thin and I worried if it would be sturdy enough. I pressed the sides and was happy to note that it was sturdy. I liked the color. The design is very simple and makes cleaning very easy without much nooks that might turn gunky over time. I liked how the handles had holes that were big enough for even an adult thumb. My toddler prefers to hold the cup when drinking but the handles are useful when she holds it and runs around. As I played around with the cup, I realised that the spout is foldable which helps prevent spillage or leaks when your toddler is done drinking but there is still liquid inside. Simply fold down the spout! This also makes the sippy cup super poportable. The two holes at the spout give a slow flow of liquid out which is good for beginners. Also when the cup falls, the spillage is minimal. Also, the design at the top being indented helps prevent flat nose effect? Hahahha…. I am happy with this sippy cup and I recommend it! Picture attached shows how the spout will look like when folded down.

  7. Lui Chai Hoong
    67 reviews

    Brother max sippy cup super good

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 9, 2017

    I give the brother max sippy cup to my niece. She very like it. My sister in law told me that her daughter like to use it to drink water or juices. It’s very useful and easier for her daughter to hold it. This brother max sippy cup is high quality product because it’s BPA free mean is safe for children especially with warm or hot water.

  8. SalinaSalihudin
    80 reviews

    Mudah, menarik and sangat inovatif

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 7, 2017

    Anak saya sangat sukakanya kerana ia mudah digunakan tanpa perlu risau susu atau minuman tumpah ke lantai. Ia juga mudah dibersihkan dan mempunyai rekabentuk yang inovatif, senang dipegang dan warna yang menarik. Ia akan lebih menarik jika mempunyai penutup di bahagian penyedut bagi memudahkan untuk dibawa kemana-mana dan lebih hygenic.

  9. miera97
    132 reviews

    Brother Max Sippy Cup

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 6, 2017

    Brother max sippy cup baik untuk anak saya kerana air minuman tidak lagi tumpah merata tempat. senang di pegang dan boleh di tutup selain itu juga ia mempunya design yang menarik dan anak saya sukakannya.. Meringankan kerja saya sebagai ibu kerana tiada lagi kerja untuk mengelap air yang tumpah… Ty

  10. amanihappy38
    3 reviews

    Brother Max Sippy Cup

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 5, 2017

    I love Brother Max Sippy Cup, my girl love to use it, specially I can put some warm water be safe, because it is BPA Free !

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