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The Floor Cleaning Superhero

For those with zero housecleaning genes in our body, this scenario may be a familiar one to you – you know, the one where you put off any form of housework until it gets unbearably messy that it can’t be ignored any longer? Well, thanks to the world’s first HIZERO All-In-One Bionic Floor Cleaner, cleaning the house will be a breeze!

This amazing floor cleaning machine can do everything – sweep, mop, dry and self-clean. You may ask – self clean? This means the roller is rinsed as you move the Hizero across the floor. This give you super clean results. Just imagine rinsing and wringing your mop with every square inch movement, that’s how unique the cleaning technology is. It is also cordless, which means you can say goodbye to being tangled up with the vacuum cleaner’s cables.

The HIZERO All-In-One Bionic Floor Cleaner easily tackles all sorts of dry and wet dirt, including dust, grime, stubborn stains, hairs, spilt coffee grounds, and tomato sauce, all without hassle. Any imaginable kind of dirt on the floor, be it dry, wet, solid or gooey, gets picked up easily and separated to dry and wet wastes in its trash container and dirty water tank respectively. So if you spilt milk with cereal or soggy spaghetti on the floor, you only need HIZERO All-In-One Bionic Floor Cleaner to clean it all up efficiently.

With the clean water tank being separate from the dirty water tank, you can be sure that you are constantly using clean water to mop your floor, leaving squeaky clean and gleaming floors for you and your family to enjoy. To give you an idea of how efficiently it works, cleaning an area of 100square meters (1076 square feet) only takes approximately 8 minutes.

But wait a minute, what about cleaning up the machine after it’s done all that hard work? Fret not, HIZERO All-In-One Bionic Floor Cleaner also cleans itself after each use! Just empty the trash container and dirty water tank, fill up the clean water tank and set it on the self-clean mode. As simple as that, your HIZERO All-In-One Bionic Floor Cleaner is as clean as ever, ready for the next use. The brush attachment is also easy to clean – just remove it, easily pull away any hair from the attachment, give it a quick rinse and snap it back into place. No more battling with tangled hair on your vacuum cleaner brush attachment, yaay!

HIZERO All-In-One Bionic Floor Cleaner is easy to use and maintain and comes with its own charging station, and it can last up to 80 minutes of non-stop operation time on low power. No wonder it won the BabyTalk Readers’ Choice Awards 2019 for the Floor Cleaner category!

For more information, visit www.hizero.com.my and www.facebook.com/HizeroMalaysia.

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