Hizero Bionic 4 In 1 Floor Cleaner

Product Details

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Comprises of polymer cleaning roller
  • Comes with charging station
  • Easy Operation, Smart Interface
  • Energy Saver
  1. Bernicekh04
    2 reviews

    Floor Cleaning Hero!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 13, 2019

    Hizero is really a floor cleaning tool that worth of money. It is a cordless 4 in 1 bionic floor cleaner that can sweep, mop, dry and self-clean.

    It ready did a great job when I have to clean wet and dry waste all at once. And both wet and dry waste is separated which I can dispose the waste easily after cleaning.

    The best part – Hizero is always cleaning with clean water, which no other floor cleaner that I had bought can do it!

    Highly recommended this product!

  2. Nigel27
    2 reviews

    Highly Effective Products

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 13, 2019

    Definitely the best products for floor cleaning tools. Save your times and create more productivity where you allow to do other things.

    Also it is suitable for all ages people. It is suitable for those who work till the night and no time for cleaning the house. And using vacuum will be very noisy and worry disturb your neighbors? Here is the solution for you all, this machine is silent and easy operate.

    You use it and see how all the dust at your home is being picked up! Wet and Dry can be used together. It helps to sweep and mop and the same time. Compare to traditional method, you need 30 mins to sweep and another 30 mins to mop. Compare to Vacuum, you are allow to vacuum on the dry section. This machine can be done all any situation as previously mentioned.

    It is definitely a game changer! You will love it after you try!

  3. Ariel
    296 reviews

    Life saver!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 22, 2019

    “I love to do housework!” says almost no one. As a busy professional, I am always on the lookout on ways to minimise my time cleaning the house. When Hizero Bionic 4-in-1 Cleaner came into my life, I was ecstatic! It literally cut my cleaning time into half. No longer do I have to vacuum first, followed by a vigorous round or two of wet mopping, I just did it all in one fell swoop. It works silently so it doesn’t wake up the occupants of my house or neighbours if I should clean early in the morning or late at night. Best of all, it leaves the floor sparkling clean! This is because it always uses clean water, unlike mopping which uses at least some dirty water at some point of the time. One container of water can last about 3/4 of my less than 900 sq ft home.

    It doesn’t work on carpets or rugs, only on marble, tiles, parquet and such. But it’s not a big thing as I can just roll the rugs away before using this. Seriously, I can’t live without this!

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