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Staying healthy has never been more rewarding.

Zurich Omni Health is a comprehensive medical plan that rewards you when you stay healthy, besides covering your medical bills. Should you have a particular health setback at the point of purchasing this plan, Zurich Omni Health will help you get your health back on track.


With Zurich Omni Health, you can set out to live a full and enriching life knowing that we have got you covered.

No Claims Bonus gives you 10% cash back on the premiums paid

When you stay healthy, Zurich Omni Health rewards you with cash back1 on the premiums paid for your Zurich Omni Health plan. From the 2nd policy year onwards, the annual cash back1 is payable in the policy year if no claims were made in its preceding policy year. This gives you all the more reason to stay fit and healthy!

Z Wellness Care safeguards your wellbeing

Under Z Wellness Care, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Wellness Reward Programme rewards you as you get better

If you have health setbacks such as high cholesterol or being obese at the point of purchasing this plan, you will be placed under the Wellness Reward Programme. Should your health condition improve by the end of the programme, we will reduce your premiums. So, now it’s more rewarding to eat right, exercise and get healthy.

Here’s an example of how it can work:

Mr. Peter, a 35-year old male who is a Finance Manager, purchases the Zurich Omni Health’s Platinum plan with an annual premium of RM3,076.65. A health check indicates that his total cholesterol / HDL ratio is 6.9, which is above the normal range. Mr. Peter is therefore placed under the Wellness Reward Programme and given advice and guidance on how to live healthier and reduce his cholesterol level.

Mr Peter follows the programme diligently and goes for the periodic assessments. At the end of the programme, his cholesterol level drops to a range that meets the Wellness Reward Programme’s requirements. As a result, his annual premium is reduced to RM2,385.00.

Health Optimiser offers discounts to help you stay healthy

To protect yourself against health plagues, you would get yourself vaccinated. Health Optimiser4 helps you along by making vaccinations more affordable. Staying healthy is now easier on your finances!

Mobile application that works like your handy personal assistant

Taking charge of your health is also more convenient with Zurich Omni Health. After purchasing this plan, you can download the MiCare MyMed mobile application to:

  • Purchase vaccinations offered through Health Optimiser at discounted rates. Locate the nearest panel clinics that offer the vaccinations.
  • Track your progress under the Wellness Reward Programme. Receive reminders and locate the nearest panel clinics for health assessments.
  • Locate the nearest panel hospitals via its built-in Google Maps / Apple Maps feature.

Cashless facility that offers hassle-free hospital admission

Zurich Omni Health offers cashless facility, which makes your hospital admission hassle-free. In times of emergency, just show your medical card for speedy admission and medical attention at any of our panel hospitals. Upon hospital discharge, you only need to settle your co-insurance charges while we take care of the balance of the covered expenses in your bill.

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