WATSONS Gel Body Scrub Lavender & Jojoba Scented

Product Details

WATSONS Gel Body Scrub Lavender & Jojoba Scented contains Lavender and Jojoba Oils to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth. Enriched with the natural exfoliating beads to help gently clean your body, remove dead skin and keratin. With a refreshing scent of lavender, this body scrub allows you to pamper and enjoy a relaxing shower to ease all stress.

Jojoba oil has a great moisturizing property to keep your body smooth, supple and moisturize while exfoliating. Gentle and safe on the skin and suitable for the whole family. Use it daily to achieve a healthy and glowing skin.

Usage instructions:

During your bath or shower, apply an appropriate amount of scrub onto your palm or sponge. Gently massage all over your body. For better results, greater pressure can be applied to rough areas such as elbows, heels and knees. Rinse off thoroughly with water.

  1. Xinyi47
    3 reviews

    Body scrub

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 21, 2018

    In love with this product as the result can be seen very fast. The smell is divine and lovely. My skin become smoother after applying the lavender and jojoba scented body scrub. It leaves my skin so silky and clean ?

  2. Nurirah13
    365 reviews

    Body scrub

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 23, 2017

    Kesan penggunaan memang cepat.menghilang kan daki dan bau nya sungguh wangi.

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