Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Fabric Stain Remover+Whitener

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Vanish Power O2 Crystal White Powder works to remove stains and keep your whites as white as possible. The special formula contains Oxi Powerlift agents which penetrate and lift the stain first time, and also whitening ingredients to help retain a brilliant whiteness in your washing. Add a scoop of this powder to your wash load to see great results.

Removing stains from your clothes and other fabrics is easier than you think with Vanish Power O2 Crystal White.

Washing Machine:

  1. For tougher and dried-in stains, add 1 scoop to your normal detergent in the washing machine drawer.
  2. For normal stains, add 1/2 a scoop.
  3. Wash as usual. You can get great results even at 30 degrees.

Soaking: (For tough & dried stains)

  1. Fully dissolve 1 scoop in 4 litres of warm water (max 40 °C). For normal stains use 1/2 a scoop.
  2. For the best results, soak for 6 hours.
  3. After soaking, wash as usual or rinse thoroughly.
  4. For best results on tough stains, rub before rinsing.

This product can also be used to restore the whiteness of an item of clothing.

Important: Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging. Do not use on wool, silk or leather. Do not use on finished or coated surfaces – for example wood, metals etc.

  1. soolayhoon82
    141 reviews

    awesome produc!!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 30, 2017

    Vanish Powero fabric stain remover is an awesome product! It save my clothes! It can easily to remove the stain from your clothes without affect in your fabric original color! Just need to soak for one night and you will see the result!

  2. ferdizetty37
    491 reviews

    Baju putih kekal putih berseri

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 29, 2017

    Saya gunakan Vanish Power O2 Crystal White ni utk merendam pakaian sekolah ank2 sy.Mmg sgt berkesan menanggalkan kotoran degil dan daki di baju putih.Yg paling sy suka serbuk kristalnya juga tidak menyebabkan baju putih bertukar kekuningan seperti peluntur biasa,mnjadikan baju putih kekal putih berseri.Serbuk sgt mudah larut dan mudah digunakan utk rendaman mahupun cucian mesin.Ia juga tidak merosakkan fabrik dan warnanya.Mmg sgt berbaloi mnggunakannya,harga pun masih berpatutan dgn kualiti dan kuantiti.

  3. CikSue38
    818 reviews

    Penanggal kotoran degil dengan kuasa memutih

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 21, 2017

    Vanish power o2 dengan bleaching ni saya guna bila basuh pakaian berwarna putih. Ia bukan setakat menanggalkan kotoran degil malah bertindak sebagai pemutih pada pakaian saya. Tak perlu menambahkan peluntur lain. Baju putih yg dibasuh kembali bersih dan memutih. Bau vanish ni pn wangi. Jimat tak perlu guna banyak. Sedikit sudah memadai.

  4. cikbunga49
    659 reviews

    Pakaian putih berseri

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 2, 2017

    Varnish ni saya gunakan untuk mencuci pakaian berwarna putih agar warnanya tetap putih dan berseri.
    Memang berkesan menanggalkan kekotoran.
    Hanya basuh menggunakannya,paakaian bersih berseri.

  5. sallyinlee93
    1004 reviews

    for white clothes

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 17, 2017

    This is for white clothes, i bought both pink packing & white packing.
    It is really works!!
    I bought it to save my lovely clothes to remove the food stain, it really works! just soak for overnight will do!

  6. geegee48
    43 reviews

    beg putih kembali putih

    4 out of 5, reviewed on May 25, 2017

    sya menggunkan vanish ni untuk menghilangkan kotoran pada beg saya yg berwarna putih,hanya rendam semalaman beg dan vanish dlm air,kotoran yg mlekat hilang dgn sekelip mata,beg putih sya kini kembali putih

  7. sherryever71
    267 reviews

    white fabric stain remover

    4 out of 5, reviewed on January 17, 2017

    my son school’s uniform sometimes get dirty and glad to have this vanish.
    This is use for the school uniform and best soak for 6 hours for tough stains and rub before rinsing.

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