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One of the best curricula for early learning is the Montessori method which emphasises active learning, independence, cooperation, and learning in harmony with each child’s unique pace of development. At The Montessori Academy, their curriculum is meticulously designed based on this exceptional method to nurture children from ages 18 months to 6 years old in a holistic manner.

To ensure toddlers and pre-schoolers learn optimally, their Montessori curriculum is created based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning, and collaborative play. Every programme is facilitated by a team of qualified teachers within a supportive and nurturing environment. While the school emphasises academic excellence, wholesome after-school programmes are offered to further increase learning opportunities for all children. The school also provides mixed-age classrooms with a low student-to-teacher ratio and encourages parents to work hand-in-hand with teachers to achieve the best outcome for their young students.

Located in Jade Hills, The Montessori Academy currently offers various programmes, including Infant Community Programme, the CASA Programme, Nutrition Programme, After School Classes, Crèche Programme and Early Intervention Services. To get students ready for national, private and Chinese primary schools, their curriculum is Mandarin integrated and meets the requirements of the National Standard Preschool Curriculum.

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