Tefal 1.8L Microcomputer Rice Cooker

Product Details

The Tefal Rice Cooker Microcomputer 1.8L RK106P will satisfy your dining table needs by helping you to cook up plates and plates of fluffy rice. With Tefal to guide you, you will enjoy cooking many dishes in no time with Tefal.

Key Features 

  • The Tefal Rice Cooker Microcomputer 1.8L RK106P will give you plates and plates white, fluffy rice to satisfy your rice cravings. With a large capacity of 1.8 litre, you will be able to feed your whole family! You do not have to get your hands dirty to feed your family or spend hours trying to cook the perfectly fluffy bowl of rice.
  • The Tefal Rice Cooker Microcomputer 1.8L RK106P makes it easy to cook your rice where you only have to put the rice and measured liquid into the inner pot and click on the cook switch. It is that simple to cook rice these days.
  • With the Tefal Rice Cooker, you will always be fed with warm and fluffy bowl of rice with 4 cooking programs to choose from.
  • With its super durable inner pot, cooking rice is fast, easy, and well-made. The inner pot is sepcially created with multi layer thick pot with ceramic coating and diamond shape which results in better cooking.
  • The very useful micro pressure valve retains moisture and increase pressure level for better rice flavor
  1. syerah9374
    3 reviews

    no just a rice cooker

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 2, 2018

    It have many functions such as porridge,steam,baking a cake, i also use it to cook meat dishes with n guess what, it works . love ittt so muchh !

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