Skeyndor Croma Senses Oil Lavandin

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Redistributes energy. The essential chromatic oil in Skeyndor Croma Senses Oil Lavandin stimulating the charkas or the main channels regulating energy. The essential oil which is associated with the sky. Leaving to Work locally on a zone throat charkas. It is possible to combine with massage oil of Tridosh for strengthening of its effect.

This croma senses oil is a professional product based on essential oil that helps stimulate the energy points of the human body. Points play an extremely important role in our mental and physical balance. It is an associated formula in the oriental tradition where it is combined with hand-specific therapies, redistributes energy by activating the main channels that responsible for its regulation and causes a putermic effect of regeneration and muscle relaxation. This relaxation and purification treatments aimed to combat stress and body tension.

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