Showa Rose Pink Food Grade Disposable Nitrile Gloves 50pcs

Product Details


  • Compliance to Food Sanitation Law (suitable for food handling)
  • Powder free and non-smelly
  • Does not contain protein which may cause latex allergy
  • Non-allergic to latex and non-smelly
  • Left-Right fitted glove to avoid wastage (ambitextrous)
  • Finger textured finish to have a better grip
  • Extra thin and fit for delicate works with high dexterity
  • More elastic, stretches easier with less resistance
  • Nitrile material provides better oil resistance performance compare with latex and PVC
  • Chlorination and rolling processes for easier wearing and taking off


  • Suitable for food handling and household cleaning
  • For baking activities and cleaning kitchen utensils
  • Suitable for personal care and hair dyeing


  • Do not use for high concentration chemicals or solvents
  • Do not touch hot surfaces or above 60°C or 140°F
  • Keep away from fire or heat sources. It may cause melting or fire
  • Do not use for electrical related work
  • Store in area away from direct sunlight
  • This glove is a disposable product with single use. Do not reuse
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