Sharp EC-A1RAS-P Vacuum Cleaner

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Sharp EC-A1RAS-P Vacuum Cleaner is the new innovation that promotes “RACTIVE Air”, a collection of cutting-edge technologies in a compact body.


  • Centrifugal Cyclone
  • Light Weight at only 1.5kg
  • Rechargeable Lithium ION Battery
  • 80 mins Fast Charging Time
  • Runtime Up to 30 mins
  • Floor Wiping Brush
  • Easy Hook – to hook the cleaner anywhere
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    I love it! It is lightweight! Its suction is strong!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 20, 2019
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    A post shared by Chan Peik Yein (@peikyein) on

    Sharp EC-A1RAS-P Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight. Total weight including main body, pipe, battery and suction head is only 1.5kg. My 8 years old daughter also can help me to use the vacuum to clean my house. It is so light and smooth when using.

    Its suction is strong too. It can easily sucked all dirt when I move the suction head slowly. It has High Mode and Standard Mode. I pressed High Mode, when I want it cleaning with maximum suction power. But the sound is louder than Standard Mode. Standard Mode sound is low.

    It is comes along with 2 accessory nozzles, which are Duster nozzle and Crevice nozzle. I use duster nozzle when I want to clean high palces such as above air-conditioner or cabinet. I use Crevice nozzle when I want to clean gaps between furniture and sash on the windows. It is so convenient and easy to attach the nozzle on the vacuum cleaner body or on a pipe.

    After vacuum, I remove the dust cup to dispose the dirt. There is the level of the accumulated dirt reaches the MAX line. It is recommended that we dispose the dirt before the level of the accumulated dirt reaches the MAX line.

    After vacuum, I take out the battery from the vacuum and put it on the charger to charge. It is recommended that to charge the battery every time we vacuum, so that it can lasts long.

    Overall, the vacuum is very good as it is lightweight, easy to use, easy to assemble and remove. Its suction is strong too. I really love to use it to vacuum my house whenever I am free. It is cordless thus it is so convenient to just grab it and start to vacuum. Kids also can use it as cordless, no wire will cause the kids fall because trapped by the cord. It is easy to hook. I can hook it at anywhere!

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