Petido – Ice & Dry Towel

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This product is a unique fabric craft, have: wash the wet, circulation, the effect of evaporation, with circulation cooling of functional fabrics, only there is water, cold water or hot water, can instantly cool, have long continuous cold feeling, at the same time
This product through contact with human skin sweat, can also get the same effect of cold feeling,
Product characteristics: antibacterial anti mite, UV, no static, absorb sweat heat removal, breathe freely
Physical cooling, no pollution, save energy and reusable.,
Method of use:
Wet product, gently twist, shaking force several times, it only takes a few seconds, can make the products become cool
When feeling product is warm again, please shake again several times, you can continue to have a cool effect
Through the wet, twist, jilt to obtain continuous cool effect

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