OriCell™ Deer Placenta

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One of The HIGHEST STRENGTH Deer Placenta in The Market!

100% Deer Placenta in 450mg

OriCell™ Deer Placenta is extracted from healthy and the finest quality of New Zealand Deer species. The source of OriCell™ Deer Placenta is from the fresh placenta cells extract afterbirth. OriCell™ Deer Placenta is produced under strictest quality control of the authorities. Each 450mg soft gel contains 1,800mg fresh deer placenta and with an extraction of 4:1 ratio, which is the most concentrated and highest in terms of purification in the market. OriCell™ Deer Placenta (450mg) can help to rejuvenate our body 2 to 4 times more efficiently than other deer placenta supplements (100 – 200 mg) existed in the market.

OriCell™ Deer Placenta is a safe prophylactic and therapeutic agent with potent regenerating activities on human tissues. With daily dose, it can help to reinforce deteriorating cells and hence restore youth and vitality!

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