NUTRILITE™ Multi Carotene

Product Details

  • A blend of beta carotene (4.5 mg), alpha carotene (1.07 mg), lutein (1.12 mg) and zeaxanthin (45 mcg), which is close to the mix of carotenoids in fruits and vegetables, that acts as antioxidants, helping to counter free radical damage.
  • A carotene complex from three naturally sourced concentrates: dunaliella salina algae, palm fruit oil and marigold flowers.
  • All-natural beta carotene and alpha carotene are precursors to vitamin A that can be converted into vitamin A as and when needed.
  • Convenient alternative for those reluctant or unable to consume carotenoid-containing vegetables.
  • Each softgel is made from edible bovine gelatin, which is certified ‘halal’.
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