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Nano Lacto VV partners Kaneka Pharmaceuticals to deliver the best solution for the modern women today. Lactobacillus brevis subsp. coagulans KP08 is developed to survive strong stomach acid and up to 6% of salt content in gastrointestinal to reach the uteri to maintain a healthy vaginal environment. Feel free and comfortable everyday!

Key Benefits

Supports optimal digestive health, enhances immune system and promotes vaginal comfort and confidence.


Anyone. Highly recommended for person with poor digestion, experiencing constipation and/ or any stomach discomfort e.g. bloatedness, symptoms of food poisoning, diarrhoea etc. Extremely recommended for vaginal discomfort including unusual discharge, itch, rashes and odour.

How to Consume

Dispense 1 sachet of granules directly into mouth, drink water. Or dispense 1 sachet into any room temperature beverage such as fruit juice or plain water. Stir well and enjoy.


Suitable for vegetarian. Product is manufactured under Japan highest JHNFA and JFRL standards. HALAL-certified.

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