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As we cook our food, 99% of valuable enzymes are lost. Nano Detox offers a powerful formula that delivers the highest amount of raw plant food enzymes to tackle hard-to-breakdown harmful toxins that clogs up within your lymphatic system that cause sluggishness and obesity. Nano Detox stimulates fat-digesting and deeper detoxification boosting weight-loss.

Key Benefits
Promotes weight-loss by breaking down fats and harmful toxins accumulated inside the body. Offers smoother lymphatic and blood circulation. Regains inner body organs function especially liver, kidney and pancreas.

Anyone. Highly recommended for person who lack sufficient exercise. Feels aches easily, heavy and wishes to lose weight.

How to consume:
Add 1-2 scoop (provided) to 200ml to 250ml of normal or chilled plain water. Stir well and enjoy. A sports shaker can be used as well. Drink 1-2 hours before lunch or dinner. Reduce regular food serving by half. May be used as meal replacement.

Suitable for vegetarian. Does not contain fructose, glucose and sucrose. Contains Ace-k for diabetic-users friendly. Product is manufactured under Japan highest JHNFA and JFRL standards. HALAL-certified.

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